Jensen Ackles Interview – SUPERNATURAL Comic Con 2010

Jensen Ackles - Supernatural Comic Con 2010

During Comic Con 2010, Daemon’s TV had the opportunity to catch up with your favorite Winchester brothers and Co. in the press room.

Check out what Jensen Ackles had to say about what’s coming up for Dean in Season 6. He dished out quite a few spoilers for what’s to come on SUPERNATURAL, and let me tell you it sounds like it’s going to be another amazing season.

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  • There can be no reason I can find to not think of Jenson as not only a talented actor/performer but a genuinely down to Earth approachable human being…we all have our moments but something tells me his are more pleasant than not…I love this guy!

  • teresa7able

    keep the show’s comming i’m addicted i keep the recorded don’t stop you two r great

  • Rodolpho

    Hi there! Amazing interview! You guys rock! Thanks for posting this… I’d like to know if u have the subtitles… sometimes it’s difficult to understand everything he says coz there’s to much noise! Can u do it for us??? Thanks folks!

    • Hi Rodolpho – Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, we do not have any subtitles available for the interview. Sorry 🙁