Erica Durance Interview – SMALLVILLE Comic Con 2010

2010 COMIC CON Erica Durance

Check out the interview that Erica Durance who plays Lois Lane on SMALLVILLE gave in the press room at Comic Con 2010.

In the new season, what’s the evolution of Lois and what role do you think she played in pushing Clark?

Erica Durance: Well, I think it’s great in this season she knows and you see her struggle accepting her destiny. That’s the thing about the show, it’s about people accepting their destinies and what they’re for and embracing it and moving forward. Once she embraces that she’s there to make things easier for him and that’s her role in the mythology. That’s what Lois Lane wants. She was the love of his life so that is why I hope that they continue to do and they do that throughout the season.

Lois might use that as leverage as well?

Erica Durance: I’m sure she will. Why not? No, but that’s what I like about her. Instead of moping about, ‘Oh, you didn’t tell me,’ it’s like she finds out and goes, ‘Okay, you know what, you didn’t want to tell me. I’m cool with that. I’ll support that. I won’t get all girlie about it and I’ll help him with this sickness.’ That’s so much greater than my feelings. That’s what I really like about her and then at some point she’ll let him have it and bring him down to earth.

The show’s mythology is different from the films. Have they said that they’re going to keep it in the ‘Smallville’ universe or do they want to jump into the mythology that everyone knows about?

Erica Durance: I think that they want everybody to get the pay off they’ve been looking for ten years. So what I’ve heard from them is that they’re just going full bore in season ten and going as far as they can with it and just hoping to make it people smile and get excited about spending ten years watching something.

Is it your fan-girl dream like in all these ‘Superman’ movies to go flying somewhere?

Erica Durance: I think that would be pretty sweet. That’d be all right. That’d be okay.

What are your feelings about this being the final season?

Erica Durance: Because we’re still in the middle of it it’s not something that’s not at the forefront, but I think it’s bittersweet. Like anything, it needs a beginning, a middle and it needs a really good end and I think that’s the real focus now, to sink our teeth into it and make it as good as we can for our fans.

By the end of season, what would you wish would happen to your character

Erica Durance: That she gets to fly.

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Erica Durance at the Comic-Con