CSI to Lose Marg Helgenberger After Season 11

Originally reluctant to appear in more than ten seasons of CSI, Marg Helgenberger recently signed a new contract to return for the procedural’s eleventh season and she tells TVGuide.com that the financial ramifications of her divorce had a great deal to do with her decision as she feels the need to build up her savings. She also wasn’t quite ready to let go of Catherine or her co-workers. In negotiating the new contract, producers wanted Helgenberger to commit to more than one season while she asked to appear in only thirteen episodes and be done shooting by Christmas. A compromise of nineteen episodes was reached and Helgenberger says “I’m thinking of this as my last nineteen episodes.”

As for what’s ahead for Catherine, Helgenberger teased that she would have a love scene with Alex Carter, who plays Catherine’s boyfriend, and that “We’re going to get into what’s left of the casino Catherine inherited from her father, some of it told in flashback. This could possibly lead to Catherine’s exit.” She also says “I certainly would not want to die and have my body autopsied. Nor would the fans.”

The season premiere of CSI, guest starring Justin Bieber, will air Thursday September 23 at 9 pm.