COVERT AFFAIRS “South Bound Suarez” Review

Covert Affairs (USA)

This week’s episode of COVERT AFFAIRS, called “South Bound Suarez” had Annie travelling to Caracas to take down a government official who has been stealing money and using it to destabilize the region. Annie is sent in to get close to the brother of the woman who has been helping to steal the funds. They need her in order to figure out exactly where the money is going.

Annie has to talk the sister, Julia (who is also the official’s mistress and has naively fallen in love with him), into leaving her country and her lover behind in order to start a new life. In doing so, Annie also begins to realize that she should follow her own advice and let go of the memories of her own lost lover.

In the end, it turns out that the sister wasn’t as innocent as she seemed, getting money from the official to fund her own interests. She tries to run away with the man only to have him nearly kill her, and even then cries when he is shot and killed.

My favorite bits…

Seeing Auggie in the field, even if all he did was sit on a bench, and I felt so bad for him when Joan told him that he wasn’t sanction for field duty any more.

Annie pointing out to Diego that his “cover” of being her boyfriend didn’t include putting his hand on her ass. LOL.

Cracking up at Diego’s sister accusing Annie of being a cougar.

Diego telling Annie that, unlike the other kids in his neighborhood, he used to dream about coming to the US.

Julia being able to spot that the reason Annie was able to advise her not to get burned by love, is because she had been through it herself.

Watching the entire team go into panic mode when they saw Julia wearing a necklace that belonged to their missing contact.

Victor making Annie to drive quickly through a dangerous area in order to force her to show her training and then the spectacular way she got control back, including disarming him, by using the car itself and all after being injured in the fight. She is such a badass.

Wanting to slap Julia for asking about her stupid boyfriend after seeing that Annie was hurt, which should have been obvious proof that the guy was bad.

Auggie snubbing his nose at being told to not go in the field, by doing it again.

Trying hard to feel bad for Julia when Victor died but having a really hard time considering he had just tried to kill her. Call me crazy, but I think that would pretty much put a damper on a relationship for me.

Overall another good episode of Covert Affairs, with an exciting mission that also helped Annie to further close the door on her own broken heart.