CASTLE Comic Con 2010 Panel (With Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and more)

Castle Comic Con 2010 Panel

I sat down for the CASTLE panel at Comic-Con 2010 in the best mood. Yes, it was totally because they gave everyone free Castle water bottles and no, I’m not afraid to admit that I can be bought that easily.

Seriously though, I was very excited for this panel as Castle is one of my favorite shows on tv and Nathan Fillion is one of my favorite actors. He was joined on stage by most of the cast, including Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Molly C. Quinn, Tamala Jones and producers Laurie Zaks and Andrew Marlowe.

Highlights from the Castle Comic-Con 2010 panel…

We were shown a special message from Richard Castle himself, apologizing for his absence from Comic-Con due to vacationing in the Hamptons. In true Castle style and in the midst of the message, he stumbled across a dead body and proceeded to “twitpic” it immediately. He then asked everyone to follow him on twitter @WriterCastle to help solve the case over the summer.

Molly C. Quinn came on stage dressed in an old fashioned Star Trek uniform, complete with short skirt, black boots and tricorder. She looked adorable and admitted that she was such a huge fan of the show that when she got to meet Jonathan Frakes (who directed an episode last season), she cried.

Seamus, Tamara and Jon believe that their characters can see that there are sparks between Castle and Beckett.

Nathan and Stana each took turns reading a steamy passage from the new Castle novel “Heat Wave”. Stana did her reading with a lot of giggling but it didn’t stop Nathan from needing a few douses of cold water (courtesy of his glass on the table) down his shirt to get through it.

On the show, the book “Heat Wave” is being made into a movie and we were shown a sneak peak of the movie trailer.

Molly remarked that sometimes she feels like the parent, not only to Castle but to Nathan too.

When asked about the possibility of a musical episode to showcase some of the cast singing talents, Seamus Dever gave us a quick rendition of ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’. If his talent is anything to go by, then I think a musical episode sounds like a great idea.

When asked about who could play Castle’s father, Nathan said he would love it if Christopher Walken would do it – and then of course did his best impression of the actor.

The creators promised that they will continue to delve into the murder of Beckett’s mother in future episodes, and the conspiracy behind it.

Jon Huertas said in regards to the relationship between Esposito and Ryan, he feels like the “evil twin” and Seamus is the “good twin”. They also joked that the two characters are brothers and “it’s not like what you read in fanfiction.” LOL.

When it was time to take audience questions, the lights were turned on fully and most of the cast were surprised to see how big the room was and how many people were there. One person remarked that it was double the size, to which Nathan replied that it was “a full-on double rainbow”. He then used that term repeatedly throughout the rest of the panel.

Nathan gave away silly prizes to every person who directly asked him a question, everything from wrist bands to a package of Oreos.

One person asked the cast how they get any work done (referring to the nearly constant banter between them all) and Molly piped up and said “it’s hard being the only adult on the show”.

Stana said she likes playing Beckett because the character has a super hero quality about her and is more complex than other female detectives on TV these days.

Nathan said he got interested in performing when he was a kid in school and the “class clown” was out sick one day, so he took over the job and got a kick out of the attention.

It was Nathan’s idea to put the catalyzer (from Firefly) on the shelf behind Castle in last season’s Halloween episode.

Stana told a story about a practical joke she played on Seamus, getting everyone on set in on it and making the actor believe that a scene with a striptease was upcoming, causing Seamus to get some “manscaping” and going on a strict diet, etc. The joke culminated with him in a g-string that said “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” on the front and “Love, the Castle crew” on the back. Seamus laughing admitted that “she got me good.”

The creators promised many more great guest stars in the upcoming season.

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