Cassidy Freeman Interview – SMALLVILLE Comic Con 2010

Cassidy Freeman at 2010 Comic-Con

Check out the interview that Cassidy Freeman who plays Tess Mercer on SMALLVILLE gave in the press room at Comic Con 2010.

What’s the next stage for Tess Mercer?

Cassidy Freeman: Well, I died a lot last season. I think she’s a bit humbled by that. I think she realizes that maybe she can’t do all of this alone. So she’s going to turn to Clark and Oliver for a little bit of help at the beginning of the season and then midseason she’s going to find out a secret about her past. I’m not completely sure what that is yet. I have an idea and I definitely can’t talk about it but it’s definitely going to be a big twist for her and she’s going to have to keep it a secret just to keep other people safe. I think it’ll change her trajectory at the end of the year.

There are so many secrets that come with Tess. How do you approach that as an actor?

Cassidy Freeman: I know. Right, absolutely. It’s not easy. Sometimes I have to call down south and be like, ‘Okay, am I lying or am I’m telling the truth. Is this genuine or is it not?’ As an actor it is difficult because you’re trying to make everything you do super genuine and you have to. I heard someone on a panel yesterday say that you can’t judge your character. Once an actor starts judging their character they’re done for because you have to be this person and you can’t judge yourself that way. So whenever she’s doing horrible things I still have to go somewhere inside of me and say, ‘What would make me do that? What would make me do something similar?’ So it’s difficult but it also keeps me on my toes. I think this year I’ll have a little bit more of a streamline than I did the last two seasons.

Will you have a scar on your face this season?

Cassidy Freeman: No, no. This is The CW, my friend. It’s called the beauty square [making a square around her face]. You cannot mess around with it.

Is Tess healed then?

Cassidy Freeman: I am healed. In the teaser they showed you actually see a thing on my face and it’ll be explained. I won’t just show up healed. There will be a transition.

I was reading something that mentioned Two Face –

Cassidy Freeman: I actually kind of wanted that because then I was like I wouldn’t have to worry if I had a pimple. I’ll look like me coming into the first episode.

How much of your arc for the season do you know?

Cassidy Freeman: I know very general outlines. I have a broad stroke and I think a lot will change depending on who they can get as guest stars, the timing of things, who they can schedule but it’s very general. I learn more and more every week and they keep coming up with really good ideas and so things keep getting added to the list.

How do you hope the series will end for Tess?

Cassidy Freeman: I think as a storyteller I want her to become good. I want her to be on the team. I want her to be like, ‘All this bad stuff, screw it. I’m going to be a good guy and I’m going to walk on that line.’ You know that shot of all of them walking, like Aquaman and Black Canary. [She mimics the walking while sitting down.] I watched that and I was like, ‘I want to be on the team.’ I think it’s so badass. But also as an actor I kind of want her to go really deep into the evil just because I think there needs to be a balance of that. If Clark is really going to go good someone has to go bad. Whether that’s me or someone else, I would take that responsibility respectfully.

You walk better than they do.

Cassidy Freeman: Thank you. Even sitting down I did it better. There’s like a band and they’re like so cool.
I don’t know if you know but in the beginning sequence we’re on these circular things, when we’re turning and the first time I saw it I was like, ‘That’s hilarious.’ The way that they do that is that you’re on a green screen and then there’s this disk, this wooden disk and there’s a guy named Russ who pushes a button and you turn. As you turn you look and then you’re body keeps turning and then you go like that. We all had to do that and we got one of our executive producers to go up there and do a fake one. It was really funny. It was one of our executive producers, wind blowing in his face. James Marshall. It was good.

Anything that you can tease because obviously you’re not that deep into the season –

Cassidy Freeman: We’re not, unfortunately. We started a little late this year. I mean, I think everyone kind of knows where it’s going. I think that’s the idea. We all want him to become Superman and that’s the direction that it’s heading. I think the interesting part is going to be the characters we meet along the way and the twists. I think they can craft some really beautiful work this year because they have a beginning, a middle and an end and they know where we’re going. So they can really put a lot of work and effort into each episode and making it that much more beautiful and that much more story and character driven which is exciting without any fear of, like, ‘Are we going another season?’

How does it feel to be at Comic-Con in the last year of the series that’s run ten years?

Cassidy Freeman: It feels incredible. I’m super thankful and was getting really emotional on the panel. I was like, ‘Ten years.’ I’ve been here for two, but like, ‘Ten years!’ I can’t imagine how they feel. But I’m very thankful.

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