WHITE COLLAR “Copycat Caffrey” Review

White Collar (USA)

Tonight’s episode of WHITE COLLAR, called “Copycat Caffrey” is about a college professor (played by Aidan Quinn) and a few of his students who decide to copy one of the best in the business, stealing a painting in a way that the famous Neal Caffrey would.

Peter and his team discover that they have a copycat on their hands, leaving Neal practically jumping for joy. Neal thinks he has it all figured out, how to catch the bad guys and help a friend in the process. His plan works too, that is until the students become the teacher and improve on his con. Then it’s up to Peter to step in and save the day, with a little help from Alex as well.

My favorite bits…

Mozzie immediately saying “I didn’t steal it!” when Neal called to ask him about the painting. Classic.

Neal spotting how the painting was forged and then Peter spotting that it was done under a skylight. I love how well the two of them work together.

Finding out that one of the advantages of having an art student spot a lead is that they can do their own sketches.

Neal’s glee at finding out that a college class studied him for a week.

Aidan Quinn as the professor.

Peter’s look when he heard Neal say that the FBI liked to “take credit” for catching him. LOL.

Neal’s trick with the shot glass and the hat. That was freaking brilliant.

Alex taking advantage of their mock argument to smack Neal. Something tells me she’s wanted to do that for a while.

Peter playing a badass mob enforcer with Mozzie as his backup.

Peter showing up to the class with a whole bunch of agents to arrest the guilty students. Okay yeah, if I’d been in that class I totally would have wanted to join the FBI too.

Peter referring to him and Neal as an “Afterschool Special”.

Not being at all surprised to find out that Alex found a way to snatch a little something for herself while helping out the FBI. Pretty sneaky.

Watching as the story of the music box continues to unfold and still wondering where exactly it will lead by the end of the season.

Overall a fun episode of White Collar with a bunch of copycatters trying to emulate the one and only Neal Caffrey and failing at it.