The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)

Episode eight of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, “The Sounds of Silence” was arguably both the most preposterous installment yet also the most entertaining. I mean, how can any television addict not be amused with the casting of Michael Imperioli, AKA Tony Soprano’s nephew Christopher as Adrian’s doctor. I should probably be as horrified as Ben but honestly, I cannot help but laugh as 16 year old Adrian flirts with the same guy who beat his fiance senseless and shot a baker in the foot for the hell of it. I know, I’m morbid.

Once again, Amy made a brief cameo which is bewildering considering she is the star of the show. She calls Adrian and offers her a sort of Pregnant-Teen-Mothers truce. The sanity stops here.
Maybe the ‘secret’ of this show is hidden in plain sight. Maybe the secret is the fact that the parents on this show are the worst in television. And I mean THE WORST. The most obvious example would be Ricky’s mother. Last week she shipped herself off to jail, this week Ricky’s feeling guilty about not helping her out even though she’s been intoxicated throughout his childhood.

The Juergens are as annoying as ever. Ashley, good sister that she is, left a voicemail message for Amy revealing that she kissed Amy’s baby-daddy Ricky out of sheer spite. The father bribes a restaurant $1000 to get a private (no budget?) back room for his date with his wife. Unfortunately Molly Ringwald is too busy gluing on her face and Ashley and her father dine in a scene so uncomfortable I’m now on a fast.

Also, Grace kissed Ben, who is so sad after breaking Amy’s heart because he knocked Adrian up that he kisses her back. This show is inundated with quality people.
Either you’re amused by it or you’re offended by it. Or both. Or maybe you’re deluded and actually think it’s good.

Whatever the case the show is weirdly fascinating, this episode no exception.