PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 8 “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” Review


Finally, in episode 8 PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”, the day of Alison’s memorial has arrived . Does anyone else feel like it has been years since they found her body? With so much happening with the girls since the discovery, the body bag is but a distant memory. However, memories come crashing back with the impending memorial. Everyone has Alison on their mind. One wouldn’t think that one afternoon at the beach could provide so much information, so much drama, and so many secrets. We learn that Aria has had a crush on Noel for quite some time and that Alison, in her backhanded way, encouraged Aria declaring that someone with Noel’s immaturity level was perfect for her. Is that why Aria is still moping over Mr. Fitz? To prove to Alison that she is deserving of someone more mature, someone “seasoned”? I talked about the girls’ daddy issues, but could the girls also be suffering from Alison issues?

If there is such a condition, Emily is drowning in it. Apparently Alison knew of Emily’s bicurious tendencies and exploited them. Making suggestive remarks about Kissing Rock and throwing coy glances seems like an awful lot of temptation for poor Emily. Is Emily’s attempt to date Mia something she is truly interested in or is it a way for Emily to prove to Alison, and herself, that it wasn’t just Alison that sparked her interest?

Hanna’s character continues to amaze me with her growth. I never would have thought that the shallow appearing, materialistic girl, would turn out to be one of my favorites. Now I realize that Hanna has a very big heart and just needs to find a way to use it. Helping her family by selling things she didn’t really need was a great start. It was fun to see her interaction with Lucas. He seems to bring out the best in her unlike prom king who still uses words like “cooties.” You would think that the preacher’s son who attends virgin support groups would be a bit kinder to his fellow classmate.

Spencer has me baffled. I always found the initial scene when she announces that she discovered Alison missing to be strange. Now we find out that she fought often with Alison and that Alison may have been scared of her. How much of this is true and how much is just a spin by Alison and her equally evil brother, Jason, remains to be seen. However, with her OCD tendencies and Type A personality, it is not too hard to imagine that she and Alison butt heads at some point.

On the day of the memorial, everyone takes time to talk about Alison. The only one that truly says anything about her is Jenna who remarks on her strength. The girls talk about living without her, moving on, and friendship while smiling at each other. Perhaps they are relieved by the removal of the burden of Alison’s friendship. After all, how telling was the memorial fountain that had all five girls on there, but only one standing tall with her hand out, with her girls at her feet, kneeling before her.

The final scenes in the last couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars have been really haunting and tonight’s episode “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” was no exception. If Alison was wearing her bracelet when she died, who made the bracelet that the girls found in the woods? Who was the mysterious guy that showed up at the dedication? Finally, just as quickly as the memorial was put together, it was destroyed. Was that violent act directed at Alison or at the girls? So much anger and drama, even after death.

That’s immortality, my darlings.

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