MEMPHIS BEAT “Run On” Review

Memphis Beat (TNT) - Abraham Benrubi, Sam Hennings, DJ Qualls, Jason Lee

In tonight’s episode of MEMPHIS BEAT, called “Run On”, a famous boxer is beaten in what appears to be a standard carjacking attempt. As Dwight and the rest of precinct delve into the case, it starts looking like it might be something more like revenge as the fighter recently hung up his gloves, costing a few people some pretty nice paychecks.

Then they discover that the fighter was meeting an old friend who had every reason to want the man dead. In the end it comes out that he really was just the victim of a carjacking – a well thought out carjacking, but still.

Once again Memphis Beat shows that it’s got a lot of heart. Dwight, with no real evidence to connect their suspect to the crime, gets a confession out of the man by forcing him to look himself in the mirror and face what he’s done. It was a pretty powerful scene and not at all what I expect from a standard cop drama.

My favorite bits…

The way a night of beers and karaoke with the boys quickly turned into a bar brawl…and then went right back to beers and karaoke.

Dwight testing the promoter’s claim that he had every big fighter and agent on speed dial, by calling one up and finding out the guy wasn’t exactly doing as well as he claimed. Hilarious.

Whtehead going into full ref mode and Dwight going into full crazy mode to scare the other fighter into giving up and coming with them. Now that’s what I call teamwork.

Sutton’s reaction to the guy in the waiting room dying all of a sudden. Not that I blame the poor guy, I think I’d be a little freaked out too.

Dwight giving permission to the waiter to use his hands so he could pick up the crawling thing on the floor. Eeeww.

Finding out that Dwight used to go to church until his father was killed in the line of duty only a week before retiring from the force. Oh man, how awful.

Just about dying from the cuteness when it turned out that Sutton was in love with his old teacher and not a girl from school…and then cracking up like crazy when he said “I’m available if you ever want to…transgress.” OMG! LOL!

Lieutenant Rice hearing Dwight’s theories on God and forcing Whitehead to tell her what it was all about.

Dwight appealing to the suspect’s sense of right and wrong – getting him to look himself in the mirror and face what he had done. Wow, how amazing was that?

Dwight giving Honey Boy an autographed picture of Elvis and Mohammed Ali.

Dwight singing some truly beautiful gospel in the church at the end of the episode.

Overall another gripping episode of Memphis Beat that gave us some more insight into Dwight and who he is.