HAWAII FIVE-0 Comic Con 2010 Panel

The HAWAII FIVE-0 panel at Comic-Con 2010 featured stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park as well as executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Peter Lenkov, Roberto Orci and director Len Wiseman. Everyone on stage said that they were thrilled to be a part of the reimagining of such an iconic show and after hearing from all of them, I must say that I was pretty excited myself.

More highlights from the Hawaii Five-0 panel…

We were shown an extended trailer that promised lots of action, humor and a few nods to the original Hawaii Five-0 (like the well known line “Book’em Danno”)

Peter Lenkov made a pretty funny joke about how happy they were to find “someone new” to play Chin Ho (referring to Daniel Dae Kim of Lost fame)

They thought about revamping the theme song and even brought in a guitarist to try a rock version. They quickly decided it didn’t work and found the people who played in the orchestra on the original version, then recorded it exactly as it had been done originally.

Daniel joked that he was “really happy to be on a show that HAS a theme song”.

Roberto Orci remarked that he was “glad to finally do something without a freaking talking robot”.

The creators promised that, though this will be procedural show, it will still feature a lot of character development and an underlying story arc with a payoff at the end of the season.

The host joked that Daniel was “the luckiest bastard alive” for snagging two tv series in a row set in Hawaii. Daniel’s response was that he was very happy to stay in Hawaii, but also pointed out that he had only planned to do so if the project was something he felt strongly about.

Peter Lenkov said that he thinks of the new show is, in a way, “writing a valentine” to the original and wants those who watched it to feel proud of the new version.

Grace Park was very funny, even once shushing Daniel and telling him “I’m talking!” when he spoke over her. She also had a tendency to talk for so long that she’d forget the original question, which I found extremely endearing.

Grace accidentally gave away a big spoiler from her previous work in Battlestar Galactica, much to the chagrin of Daniel, who had only just started watching it.

There was some discussion about Grace’s appearance in a bikini in the preview and the creators were quick to point out that they were “an equal opportunity show” and the guys would be in bathing suits too.

As in the original series, Hawaii will be the “5th character” on the show and Alex Kutzman promised that they will be paying homage to the beautiful state.

Alex spoke highly of CBS and their support of the show, saying that when CBS loves something “they LOVE it” and was very happy with the amount of exposure it was getting.

They are striving for as much realism in the show as possible, even hiring someone with a Navy background as a consultant (as one character has a Navy background).

Everyone in the audience received a card to pick up a free Hawaii Five-0 tee (which says “I got lei’d at Comic Con 2010 – hilarious). A few lucky people had special cards and got surf boards signed by the cast (See Photos below).

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