Zach Cregger Snags Role on Friends With Benefits (NBC)

Zach Cregger

Actor Zach Cregger has snatched up a lead role on the new comedy series from NBC entitled “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.” Cregger is one of two actors joining the cast after the pilot in a recast that will see two original characters replaced.

The midseason comedy from NBC takes a look at modern day romance through the eyes of five friends who are searching for their soul mate. With “the one” being hard to find, the friends find themselves settling for other individuals in a “friends with benefits” situation. Cregger will play a character worth $12 million after selling an algorithm to Google. His character is described as being a nerdy, hopeless romantic. Actor Fran Kranz played the role in the pilot. Ian Reed Kesler, who played another lead role in the pilot, has been replaced by Andre Holland.

Cregger is a founder and member of the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’Know, and recently starred in the pilot for “The Pink House,” also a comedy pilot with NBC.

(Source: Deadline)