THE GOOD GUYS “Silvio’s Way” Review

Dan wants redemption for a seven year old sting gone wrong so he goes back undercover in the mob movie homage “Silvio’s Way” episode of THE GOOD GUYS. Jack and Dan are assigned to a vandalism case where Sparky the fiberglass mascot has been pushed through an electronics store window three times, but during a stakeout spent in a bar, they run into a member of a crew Dan set up to rob a dog track seven years ago. It was the perfect heist and Dan overslept, missing his own sting and losing $400,000 of department money. Determined to get the crew this time, he sets them up in a new sting, but a couple of Bonnie and Clyde wannabe drug store robbers the rest of the department is chasing overhear and try to hijack the heist. Jack, meanwhile, nearly blows Dan’s cover but Dan gets almost naked and beats Jack before tying him up in a freezer.

Plot-wise, this is one of my favorite episodes. The three stories come together well and I love that two idiots with Uzis are taken down, more or less, by two teenagers pushing over a giant mascot while the only successful criminals weren’t even criminals at all until Dan planned their dog track heist and then he got them enough money to make honest lives for themselves. Plus, psycho Bonnie bickering with dumb Clyde cracks me up. “This is Texas. Everyone has a shotgun.”

Just when I thought Dan couldn’t go more over the top, he gets an alter ego named Silvio who practices mob speak in the mirror and never breaks character. “I’m glad I’m not that Dan Stark guy.” He also strips down and does Naked Man poses (How I Met Your Mother) in his neon green manny panties to prove he’s not a cop. I couldn’t stop laughing or hiding my eyes. Jack has his moment when he uses his enormous tongue to open the freezer and call angry Liz, but nothing can top Silvio.

Jack and Liz need to shake up their usual flirt, fight, make gooey eyes routine. When Dan and Ana see more action, there’s a problem. Ana’s face and her shudder of horror after that kiss make me want a flashback episode where we see Dan and Ana after a drunken night together because I just know it happened. The real relationship of The Good Guys, of course, is Dan and Jack who bond over beers, shots and wings. “You can’t know a man until you know his taste in cartoon ladies.” They don’t quite get their code words down (“Is that your Carter or my Carter?”), but I think they can join that list of great teams: Starsky and Hutch, Nixon and Agnew, BJ and the Bear.

Next week is the summer finale and I’m going to miss The Good Guys. Will you or are your eyes still burning from Silvio’s manny panties? Sound off in the comments.