THE CLOSER “In Custody” Review

THE CLOSER "In Custody"

Major Crimes really busted their butts on tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “In Custody.” The death they were investigating was determined to be a suicide…and then it turned into a murder. They thought the meth-head boyfriend did it, but when the ex-husband confessed before committing suicide, it looked like the case was finally closed…until his mom confessed. Grandma wasn’t high on my list of suspects, so I have to say that I was very surprised.

What the squad didn’t realize was that Brenda was evaluating their performances on this case. Flynn’s attitude with the suspect (Tatum: “Did she O.D.?” Flynn: “Yeah, on lead.”) didn’t exactly win him points with Brenda. She also wasn’t too impressed with Provenza’s willingness to overlook key evidence in their case (“Chief, we’ve already solved this case once. It’s wrapped up with a bow on top. If you untie that bow, you know what’ll happen.”). Detective Gabriel is the only one who passed, although I didn’t catch whether she was considering Lieutenant Tao or not (he does seem to have trouble standing up to Provenza and Flynn, unlike Gabriel). Did anyone else take Fritz’s suggestion to hire outside the department as a hint to hire him? That could be interesting!

Also surprising tonight was that Sanchez has temporary custody of the little boy from last week, Ruben. Sanchez took that case so hard, and I think this is a wonderful development for both him and for the boy. Why couldn’t everyone else see that?

I wasn’t sure how Fritz was going to react to the possibility of Brenda becoming chief of police, but, of course, it makes sense that he would rather she have a desk job (especially after she was nearly killed last week). Naturally, Brenda didn’t tell him about the possible promotion, which lead to a fight that everyone could overhear (Gabriel: “They’re fighting!” Brenda: “We are not fightin.’ They think we’re fightin’.” Fritz: “We are fighting!”).

So everyone, including Pope himself, thinks he’s going to be promoted to chief and Brenda to assistant chief. When do you think Brenda is going to tell him she was asked to apply? It’s been a week, so she only has one more before the deadline.

“In Custody” was another strong episode of The Closer. At first, all the changes they’re making this season threw me, but now the new set has grown on me and I like the direction the show is taking. It seems almost certain that Brenda will apply for the job—how do you think everyone will react when they find out? Who do you think is the best candidate to replace Brenda? And what do you think about Sanchez looking after Ruben? Let me know in the comments!

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