LIE TO ME “Bullet Bump” Review

LIE TO ME (FOX) Bullet Bump

This week’s episode of Lie To Me, titled “Bullet Bump” was about an assassination attempt that went awry and killed an innocent girl. Cal is called to investigate the shooting and the more they delve into it, the more it starts to look like the girl was the target after all.

To make matters more interesting, Carla is friends with the governor and his wife. Carla and Cal finally give in to the sexual tension between them, but afterwards Cal still has to do his job, no matter where it leads.

It turns out that the governor’s wife had the girl murdered, and then not only framed the campaign manager for it, but had him killed too, Cal also finds out that Carla had been covering for the wife when the woman killed a man in a hit and run. Once he has that piece of information, he not only catches his murderer, but also forces Carla’s hand and makes her sign over her part of his company back to him.

My favorite bits…

Cal’s naughty little raised eyebrows when he suggested that the governor “knew, knew” the girl who got killed.

Foster warning the chief of staff that Cal’s behavior so far at the press conference was him “being subtle”. Yikes, I don’t think anyone wants to see him when he’s being obvious.

Cal jumping on a chair to ask who else had been shagging the chief of staff. Okay yeah, so it was crude but totally effective.

Cal saying that it was good that Clara didn’t come over to appeal to his better judgment, because he didn’t have any. LOL.

The way Clara and Cal practically dove on each other after trying to pretend they weren’t flirting all along.

Cal’s pronunciation of the name Michelle coming out as “MEE-chelle”.

Emily and Eli’s incredibly awkward moment after she kissed him thinking he liked her when he was really trying to play big brother.

Eli telling Cal that his daughter kissed him and then taking a hit to the gut. Who’d a thunk that a guy so much smaller could take down a guy Eli’s size so fast?

Foster breaking down the suicide note and the way she knew it was written by a woman by the use of pronouns. Pretty interesting.

The governor’s reaction to finding out that it was his wife who had both Michelle and his campaign manager murdered. You know, I almost felt sorry for him…almost.

Clara signing back her part in the Lightman Group. Okay wow, I really didn’t expect that.

Emily pointing out that if kissing Eli was extreme then she’s “the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.” Ha! Great point.

Emily sneakily invited Eli over so that Cal would have to apologize …and then punching her dad in the gut. OMG I love this girl! She is brilliant.

Overall an episode of Lie To Me that held a couple of surprises, from Cal and Carla finally hitting the sack (something I didn’t think would happen so soon), to Carla giving up her part of the Lightman Group. It makes me wonder what is going to happen to that character and if we’ve seen the last of her.