LEVERAGE “The Gone Fishin’ Job” Review

Eliot and Hardison enjoy nature while the rest of the team steal them a train on “The Gone Fishin’ Job” episode of LEVERAGE. Clancy Brown guest stars as former IRS agent Hugh Whitman who cheats people on IRS payment plans in order to fund an anti-government militia. Eliot, in desperate need of a day off and some fishing time, volunteers to take Hardison to the middle of nowhere bank where Whitman keeps his money and pose as IRS agents to spook Whitman into moving his cash. Sophie and Nate offer Brown a money laundering alternative in a fitness club investment while Parker takes a job as a debt collector in Whitman’s company so she can steal his IRS list. Hardison and Eliot are almost shot by the militia but escape and run through the woods. The rest of the crew manages to steal an escape train by rerouting it, but Hardison convinces Eliot they need to stay and fight the militia because Eliot had spied (and smelled) a bomb at their camp.

Eliot just wants a day off in Hardison’s dreaded nature (“Did you see that mosquito? It had a beak, man.”) but instead, for the second time this season, he has to forego certain escape and return to a fight that’s sure to get bloody. Luckily, he’s Batman (or is the hanging upside down trick more Spiderman?) and Hardison can fight with science, but seriously, the next time Nate steals a train-take it. He does get to-awesomely-fish via computer and big screen televisions at the end. The bromance blooms between Eliot and Hardison this episode and their bickering while running is as hilarious as their CWA (can of whup ass) plan. There’s also some nice continuity when Hardison’s rock paper scissors tell bites him in the bum.

Is there a writer on the Leverage staff whose sole job is to come up with Parker quirks? She’s afraid of LOLCats now? Love the piñata scene, especially her reaction when Eliot beheads it, and Beth Riesgraf’s pissy expression when one woman wouldn’t leave her brutal spin class is perfection while her grin at getting the sedan up to 140 is devilishly fun. Oh Parker!

I was irritated by the woman handing over her credit card to a random guy who shows up at her house at night flashing an IRS badge, but then I realized there are people who would absolutely do that. It’s a simple phishing scam, and those must rake in millions or I wouldn’t get them every day in my email. I’m more bothered by Hardison placing a lit cigarette on the surrounded tank with no one noticing and having that long a delay before it blows. I also wish there were more-and scarier-Clancy Brown. He’s slick rather than scary and his motivation makes no sense. In the end, though, I watch Leverage for the crew and they are all spot-on this episode.

What did you think of the “Gone Fishin’ Job?” Are you as curious about what happened to Eliot’s shoulder during the off-screen Juarez job as I am?

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