Indira Varma Cast in HUMAN TARGET

Indira Varma

Actress Indira Varma has joined the cast of the Fox’s HUMAN TARGET. Varma joins the cast of the show as the first female regular on the series.

Varma will play the role of Ilsa, a widow who has a vast fortune at her disposal. After getting some assistance from Christopher Chance and company, Ilsa decides to purchase his protection company, becoming his boss in the process. While this provides Chance and his partners’ access to great financial backing, Ilsa proves to be a tough boss to deal with. Varma will make her first appearance on the show during the second season premier this fall.

“Human Target” is a rare series on television given its lack up to now of a female series regular. Fox has decided to move the show to Friday nights this fall for its second season. All the cast members and their new boss Matthew Miller will be at Comic-Con on Saturday.

(Source: THR)