HUNG “Sing It Again, Ray or Home Plate” Review

This week’s episode of HUNG entitled “Sing it Again Ray or Home Plate” found Ray singing Happy Birthday in quite the unique way and under unusual circumstances. Prior to that, though, the episode started at home plate.

Damon, who had already professed his belief that his father would never like him in high school as Damon was not an athlete, found himself at the high school baseball diamond late at night with a Double Big Gulp and big dreams. It was rather sad to watch Damon go around the diamond, playing different positions, almost pretending to be Ray. In fact, my heart almost broke when he even mimicked cheering at his swing. That scene left me wondering whether Damon was making a statement with an act of defiance or if the Big Gulp just became too much for him.

Meanwhile, Ray having been told of Damon’s shenanigans on the diamond, had to come to grips both with the fact that his son might truly dislike him, as well as the fact that he is somewhat embarrassed by his son. What Ray didn’t realize until almost the end of the episode, however, is that he truly knows nothing about his son. Once again, as in a prior episode, it is Tanya that offers up insight into Damon’s interests. It sure wasn’t fishing.

Disorder seemed to be the order of the day in the relationship department. No matter how many times Jessica tells her husband she does not want to have a baby, he refuses to accept it and, even at times, hear it. This results in a comical scene with Ronnie and Jessica’s mom and a bowl of oatmeal. It seems that this is one subject Ronnie will not drop. It doesn’t help matters that Lenore is lurking around Jessica in an attempt to “help” her marriage. Did anyone else find the way Lenore looked off in the distance after talking about Ray the slightest bit creepy?

Speaking of Lenore, the business triangle of Happiness Consultants might be coming to an end soon. Although Ray gives Tanya a variety of reasons that he thinks they should cut Lenore out, the real reason is so Lenore will stay away from Jessica. Poor misguided Ray. Has he met Lenore? You know the saying “there’s no wrath like a woman scorned”? Imagine the wrath of a Lenore scorned. I shudder just thinking about it.

An interesting development was Mike from the high school finding Ray in the hotel lobby and mistakenly believing that Ray was there for an over 40s single event. Personally, I do not think Ray handled that all too well. First, Mike knows he used a fake name. Second, he knows that he was not at that event because he immediately went straight to the desk to get a room. Finally, Ray admitted that the woman he met in the hotel funded the baseball team. That is dangerously close to the truth and I am sure will come back to haunt Ray later.

I have to say that my favorite part of this episode was Tanya’s poem. Not only was it brilliant, but the way the crowd turned in her favor was fantastic. The last line was volleyed like a home run and may have even struck Ray.

What was your favorite part? Share it in the comments below.

(Photo: Courtesy of HBO)