My Boys (TBS) Season 4 Premiere Episodes

Check out a sneak peek of MY BOYS Season 4 Premiere episodes “Addition By Subtraction” & “Gourmets and Confused” airing Sunday July 25 at 10:00 pm.

Episode Synopsis: My Boys “Addition By Subtraction” (Season 4 episode 1) – With PJ’s brother now living in China for his new job, the gang is short a poker player. So they decide to audition various friends for the slot. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Kenny continue to prove their relationship is genuine to a non-believing Mike.

My Boys “Gourmets and Confused” (Season 4 episode 2) – Stephanie’s publisher gets her reservations to one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago, so she invites Bobby and PJ to join her and Kenny for a grown-up evening. Mike and Brendan, meanwhile, decide to have their own grown-up night, but only after baking some brownies that will make for an interesting night.

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