FLASHPOINT “The Good Citizen” Review

Flashpoint - Hugh Dillon; Enrico Colantoni; Michael Cram

I never realized Canada’s reputation for friendliness extends to their drug dealers too. What a co-operative bunch of people. As soon as they’re arrested they spill on the dealers and suppliers higher up, barely any prodding, no fear at all of retribution.

This week’s episode of FLASHPOINT was called The Good Citizen. It involved a man who becomes a vigilante after two drug dealers try to intimidate a pub owner. This is not, despite what the title would have you think, because he is a good citizen; it is because his brother died of an overdose that same morning and he wants vengeance (his father also died because of the drug dealers just in case we would think that a brother’s death is not a decent motive on its own). As he goes through the ranks of drug dealers (even at the top levels they’re clean cut, easily intimidated, with zero protection) the SRU tries to stop him.

Was it the most ridiculous episode of television I’ve ever seen? Probably not. But, as with every other episode of Flashpoint, the shows inability to laugh at itself means that even in the silliest of instalments, such as last night’s episode, the show is not even entertaining, just dull. The drug dealers looked more like teachers; inexplicably the pub owner had two policemen guarding his pub for the rest of the episode; the sentimental speeches “this is why I became a cop, not a cowboy” and the usual “your father was a great man” had my stomach churning.

The guest stars apparently weren’t aware they were portraying drug dealers and anguished avengers. Cooper, the vigilante, seemed to be in mourning for a lost Kit Kat bar as opposde to his deceased brother and father. There was a lot of face crunching but few actual tears and the dizzying array of SRU characters meant it was hard to keep track of what they were all doing, besides protecting drug dealers, which they tried to justify and only ended up sounding like lessons from Barney the Dinosaur.

The most positive thing I can say about this episode was at least it ended without the threat of ‘to be continued’. Anyone who had to sit through such garbage has to be thankful for that, right?