STARGATE UNIVERSE Comic Con 2010 Panel (With Robert Carlyle & David Blue)

The panel for STARGATE UNIVERSE featured a few member from the cast including Robert Carlyle, Alaina Huffman, David Blue, and Ming Na. Robert Cooper moderated the panel. It was a really fun panel with lots of energy and joke from the cast, which always makes for great panels. (Take note oh you Thursday movie panels.)

First they shows a preview for Season 2 (which featured our first look at new castmember Robert Knepper (Heroes)) and then it was time for some Q&A. Here are some of the highlights, as well as some photos:

– “It’s my iPrecious” Ming Na talking about her iPhone.

– Rush is one of Robert Carlyle’s favorite character that he has played. “There is an awful lot of scope to play.”

– Robert Carlyle doesn’t like to know what’s coming up, it’s all about being in the moment. The temptation is to play the end, so he tends not to ask what happens next, he takes every moment as they come.

– David Blue Season 2 Eli will get to have a relationship with someone in the Lucian alliance. “Nerds need love too.”

– Robert Carlyle directed an episode of season 2 entitled “Pathogen”, which is episode 4 although it was shot first. In the episode Camille goes back to see her lover and Eli goes to see his mother.

– “He’s an actor’s director.” David Blue about Robert Carlyle directing one of the episodes from season 2.

– [Minor Spoiler] At beginning of season 2, Rush discovers the bridge of destiny but he doesn’t tell anybody, he keeps it for himself a bit. They built a new set for that. The bridge sort of becomes a character throughout the season.

– An episode in Season 2 is called “Twin Destinies” in which Rush comes back from the future, and tells people on the ship not to do something, but of course no one listens to him. Robert Carlyle had to play against himself.

– Robert Picardo and David Hewlitt are coming back for an episode in Season 2.

– New castmember in Season 2, Robert Knepper plays a bad guy that goes head to head with Rush at some point.

– “They’re my best production, my best project yet.” Alaina Huffman talking about her three little kids.

– “I wish I had more time to play… [to Robert Cooper] but I don’t want to die.” David Blue joking about his lack of time to play video games, but not wanting his character to die on the show.

– “I’m pretty sure Eli comes to every Comic Con.” David Blue when asked whether their characters would come to Comic Con.

– Alaina Huffman was pregnant while shooting season 1 and that’s why it was integrated in the show.

– Chloe and Eli’s relationship: Eli tried to put his cards on the table, they will always be close, but it’s important for Eli to explore other relationships.

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