ROOKIE BLUE “Broad Daylight” Review

ROOKIE BLUE (ABC) Broad Daylight

In the fifth episode of ROOKIE BLUE, no one is happy. Traci’s three year old son can’t take care of himself, Andy has intimacy issues, Chris’ long time girlfriend is coming and she wants to get engaged, Gail has no friends and Dov is under the impression that sleeping at the house of two hot girls equates having a threesome.

It is called “Broad Daylight.” I suppose this is because most of the action takes place in the daylight, though most of the police action takes place indoors, so the time of day really does not matter. When a wealthy persons’ house is robbed, Andy and Traci are left to guard the wife until the husband returns. Traci has to leave because her son needs to be picked up. When the robber turns out to be still inside the house, Andy has to deal with him on her own. Not to worry. Andy literally disarms him with the power of sap. Yes, she tells him she was abandoned by her mother, he was not. We all know this was not true. The robber’s mother hasn’t seen him for years. Probably because of her jerk of a husband, but I hardly think a meanie husband qualifies as an adequate reason for leaving your—at the time—only child to rot in prison. In the episode she does have a baby, though that disappears when it is no longer needed by the script.

Traci’s entire storyline about hopping from her baby’s school to her baby’s daddy and back to a hostage situation with the baby in the back of a police car (it was more of a toddler, come to think of it) was dull and a waste of her character. Though getting most of the episode’s attention can be a drawback, as Andy McNally became so much more annoying this week; I mean, an unloaded gun? Seriously? I know they’re rookies, but they are also in their twenties. They should not act like mindless teenagers who’ve forgotten their homework.

Chris and Dov’s debate over whether Chris should propose to his long term girlfriend was illogical, mainly because they failed to state that if he really loved her, unconditionally, and he was certain she was “the one” why would he have any doubts? I mean, getting engaged is not the same as marrying, which is what Dov strongly implied. He was not tying the knot. He was simply validating a commitment they’d had since at least the eleventh grade.
I have to confess that my favourite character is probably Gail, mainly because she has so little screen time that she is the least irritating character. We’re not hearing about her troubled personal issues just for the sake of angst, she has not done anything stupid like forgetting to load her gun, and we know from earlier episodes that when she wants something, she’s ruthless.
This week’s episode of Rookie Blue was a poorly plotted mess. The humour of the first few episodes was swotted aside for phony moments of angst. Hopefully next week this show can escape the monstrous clutches of anguish and return to being a light hearted and entertaining affair.

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