Nicole Richie Will Return to CHUCK Season 4

Nicole Richie, who surprised many (none more than me) with her fun and ferocious turn as Sarah’s high school nemesis Heather in the 2008 episode “Chuck versus the Cougars,” is returning to Chuck this October. Heather was last seen bleeding and ready for jail after a knock-down drag-out fight with Sarah and now when her prison transfer hits a snag, she is detained at the Castle (AKA Chuck HQ). It seems Chuck and Sarah’s relationship is hitting some snags of its own and Heather tries to work that to her advantage.

Heather isn’t the only returning baddie that episode. The Expendables’ star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will reprise his role of Ring agent Hugo Panzer from the 2010 episode “Chuck Versus First Class,” so the Chuck crew will certainly have its hands full.

Chuck returns with its fourth season premiere Monday September 20, 2010 at 8 pm and all of this recent casting news is getting me excited.

Source: EW