EUREKA “All the Rage” Review

Eureka (SyFy) - All The Rage

This week’s episode of EUREKA, “All the Rage” was a great followup to the first two episodes of the season. Now that is seems that our favorite sheriff and crew are going to be living in the alternate universe Eureka for a little while, it’s interesting to see how they are trying to fit in with all the changes from their original lives. The episode opens up with Fargo talking a good game with the Secretary of Defense about Global Dynamics projects, but the cool demeanor collapses when he talks to Allison, realizing he’s in over his head. As he goes down to check on the Non-lethal Weapons Lab, it’s fun to see how the Fargo of the alternate universe was apparently a dictatorial dick as the head of GD. The head of the lab, Dr. Isaac Parrish (Guest Star Wil Wheaton), demonstrates a variety of cool-looking, yet not ready for presentation devices to Fargo, who loses his temper and gives us a glimpse of what alternate universe Fargo must be like. Later in the episode, Fargo is attacked by a Non-lethal mine, leading him to get Carter and Lupo to investigate who was behind the attack.

Allison convinces Fargo that he needs to undo the damage the alternate universal self has caused and implement a more cohesive work environment. As a first step, she gets Fargo to revisit the Non-lethal Lab to apologize for his earlier outburst, but things don’t go as planned. Parrish begins yelling at Fargo, and soon it escalates to a fight between them, which ends when Parrish starts shooting a beanbag gun at everyone. No one’s sure whats going on, but it’s clear that people are becoming more tense and angry for no reason, and it’s spreading throughout the entire facility. The power at Global Dynamics goes out, and the GD employees turn into a large angry mob with one target, Fargo (there’s a great visual of the mob attacking a Fargo piñata outside his office). In fact, the only ones who haven’t really broken out into a “Hulk smash!” moment are Carter, Allison and Tess. The episode starts to look more and more like Night of the Living Dead, with Carter, Tess, and Fargo being chased by the mob, which only becomes angrier when Fargo threatens to fire them all. The trio head back to the non-lethal lab and find the experimental device that was supposed to reduce aggression in people and instead kicked up their anger a few million notches. Tess works to reverse the devices effects, while Carter uses Fargo as bait for the anti-Fargo mob so he can rescue Allison from the infirmary. When the mob finally traps Fargo, Tess is able to reverse the device’s effects and the everyone returns to normal.

Also in the episode, Henry and Dr. Grant start working on fixing up the bridge device, hoping theres a way to salvage it after the beating it took in the last episode. When they finally get the device powered up, Henry’s tools disappear and no one knows what it means. When Dr. Grant realizes that they are causing the tools to dematerialize when they touch them, things take a turn for the serious. Luckily for them, Henry’s wife comes in and confesses that it was a prank, the disappearing tools were actually coated with a paint that made them “disappear” when in fact they were hidden in a cabinet. The relief on the faces of Henry and Grant is so obvious that it’s funny. One the Carter / Tess front, things are not going well. At the beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Carter is still trying to work out his feelings for Tess, especially now that she’s moving into his place. Throughout the craziness at Global Dynamics, Tess can tell that Carter is not comfortable with how things are going. By the end of the episode, the two of them break up, with Tess planning to go to Australia, and Carter once again alone.

This episode was a nice because it didn’t focus on wholly time travel/ alternate universe story arc, but it was still present in all the different story lines throughout the episode, and I hope this is a trend for the rest of the season. Wil Wheaton did a great job as Dr. Parrish, which seemed to be a more exaggerated version of “Evil Wil Wheaton” from The Big Bang Theory, especially when he and Fargo start getting into their fight in the middle of the lab. It’s clear that this was more of a one shot, but it was fun while it lasted. Some of my favorite parts of the episode were the on screen interplay between Henry and Dr. Grant, their scenes are fun to watch and the acting in them is excellent. I’m sad to see Tess go, Jaime Ray Newman was a lot of fun on the show, but I understand that it’s a necessary to help Carter take the next step with Allison. Props to Eureka’s writers and staff for changing up the opening “Previously on Eureka” segment to be more of a quick highlights recap narrated by Carter than just scenes from past episodes, it was a lot easier to follow and felt like it would help newcomers to the show get up to speed a lot faster. In next week’s episode, Jamie Kennedy guest stars in “The Story of O2” where the town of Eureka celebrates Space Week and Carter takes a trip.

So what did you think of “All the Rage”? Does it hold up to the first two episodes of the season? Are you sad to see Tess go or are you helping her pack her bags? Will the time travelers ever make it back to their original Eureka? Let me know in the comments!

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