BURN NOTICE Comic Con 2010 Panel

Burn Notice Comic Con 2010 Panel

The BURN NOTICE Comic-Con panel was packed and the full house got a big surprise anouncement: confirmation of a TV movie prequel featuring Bruce Campell’s character Sam Axe. USA executive Jeff Wachtel came out to deliver the news. The film will show Sam’s last mission and how he ended up Miami. Campell said it will take place in Colombia and may be shot there.

The panel, moderated by actor Chris Vance (Gilroy, now dead) was often quite funny, especially Campbell, pulling out his wallet to hand money to women who shouted out he was sexy and such. Director/actor Tim Matheson (Larry Sizemore) was also on hand, along with creator Matt Nix and exec. producer Alfredo Barrios Jr. offered their share of quips, too. Nix razzed Matheson a bit for over the top budget things like use of cranes, effects and too many extras.

Nix described Sam and Larry and good and bad angels on the shoulders of burned spy hero Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). He also joked about Sharon Gless taking the tole of mom Maddy so she could chain smoke. Campbell threw a zinger or two at Donovan in absentia, of course complimenting him as well. He also told the cord his favorite film is “Bridge on the River Kwai” with William Holden, who “could kick Ben Affleck’s ass.” He also said it had a score not a soundtrack, and a memorable theme song, too.