ROYAL PAINS “Comfort is Overrated” Review

Royal Pains (USA) Comfort is Overrated

The Hank-Emily competition (flirtation) heats up as Divya’s feet get cold on the “Comfort is Overrated” episode of ROYAL PAINS. The older boyfriend of a young woman named Paige repeatedly injures himself and Hank must find the underlying cause while Evan becomes Paige’s faux beau to appease her parents. Hank also uncovers the neurological reason behind Mac the comfort food vendor’s suddenly huge appetite for food and women before his wife can leave him. Meanwhile Jill discovers a way to get her clinic up and running and Divya loses her engagement ring.

While Mac’s condition screams neurological from the get-go, watching his wife explain why she has him tied to a chaise lounge is hilarious. Watching him eat macaroni in his underwear, though, is disgusting. While not the most compelling case, it’s sweetly funny and we see Divya’s growing horror as she watches a disintegrating marriage. She will definitely need to get her ring cleaned. How did Mac not realize he ate a ring and keys? Divya’s engagement, despite all her protestations to the contrary, is starting to unravel. Her near hysteria over the ring and whether or not it’s a sign is over the top, as is the spiritual advisor’s warning that her love flows through another man. I hope they wrap this up soon because there’s no suspense here. Divya is a huge part of Hank Med and ROYAL PAINS, so clearly she’s not leaving. Let’s stop pretending she is.

Paige calls both Hank and Emily when her boyfriend Graham has a kiteboarding accident. Emily is the first to arrive and thus treats Graham, but Hank gets the next call when Graham burns himself in the darkroom and Emily is less than pleased. Emily generally grates on my nerves, but she seems toned down here. I’m not quite buying the chemistry between Hank and her, but the “I’m confused that a woman who says obfuscate also says stoled” is cute. I just dread the inevitable love triangle with Jill.

MacGyver Hank makes another appearance during one of Graham’s mini-strokes (and this after super hero Hank saved Mac from drowning). Sometimes the perfection is a bit much, but then he’ll have a great line like “I think comfort food shouldn’t have long lines or lobster” and I like him again.

I love the Evan as a fake boyfriend story and he and Paige are adorable. Is it just me or has Evan’s likeability skyrocketed this season? “I’m a whore. I’m a dirty whore.” The line for line re-creation of the Pretty Woman shopping scene is perfect and Evan’s puppy eyes when he confesses his feelings for Paige to Divya and Hank remind me of Lloyd Dobbler.

This solid episode made better by the Evan and Divya subplots opens up new plot possibilities. Hank Med running Jill’s clinic will hopefully bring her into more storylines and Hank and Evan seem to have new romantic interests, so there’s a lot to look forward to on Royal Pains. What are you most looking forward to?

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