PSYCH “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now” Review


In this week’s episode of PSYCH, called “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now”, everyone decides to change things up a bit and switch partners. Gus and Lassiter’s partnership begins on the dance floor when Lassiter discovers how much tap dancing helps to clear his mind. Not to be outdone, Shawn joins up with Juliet and the two teams try to see who can solve the murder of a woman found drowned in her car.

Both teams discover that while the experiment seems to work for a while, it’s better to go back to the original line-up. They do manage to solve the murder though, first tracking down the victim’s boyfriend as a suspect. But when the boyfriend comes up drowned too, they figure out that it was a co-worker who was jealous of the woman and wanted to steal the boyfriend for herself.

My favorite bits…

Shawn’s theory that, once your permanent teeth are in, life is for real. LOL.

This bit:
Lassiter: “You are so predictable, Spencer.”
Shawn: “As predictable as your next date ending in ‘I hope this never happens to someone else’?”

The image I got in my head when I found out that Shawn was once known as ‘DJ Cold Cuts’.

Kind of agreeing with Shawn and Lassiter that tap sounded a little silly, right up until I saw Gus in his class. It looks totally fun and like a great workout – methinks tap shoes might be in my future.

Lassiter’s first attempt at tap class. I love how he was failing at it miserably and yet having the time of his life.

Shawn’s child-like joy at FKC giving away double downs. It was as if he couldn’t imagine a world where something that wonderful could ever happen.

Juliet comparing working with Shawn as babysitting, and being completely correct.

Gus and Lassiter dancing it out in the precinct while working out the details of the case.

Shawn calling out “Hamburger!” when trying to finish Jules’ sentence.

This line from Shawn: “Don’t act like you can’t use twenty bucks, I’ve seen your place.” – LOL!

Loving yet another spectacular crossover ad from USA network. This time with Peter and Neal from White Collar along with Gus from Pych.

Woodrow telling Shawn that he would be honored to saw through his chest and remove his good-natured heart from its cavity should he ever end up on his table. Aw, ain’t that sweet?

Lassiter just starting to tap dance out of the blue, right in the middle of Shawn’s dissertation of the case.

Lassiter tapping his little heart out with all the kids on stage, and solving a case while he was at it. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.

Cracking up at the out-takes at the end. I only wish they had done another long set like at the end of last week’s episode. Man, do I love me some out-takes.

Overall I liked the element of the switch-up, and the extra fun of the adding the theme of tap dance to this episode of Psych.