Doris Roberts To Guest Star on Patricia Heaton’s THE MIDDLE

One of ABC’s new and successful comedies will be staging a reunion of sorts when the second season of “The Middle” hits the air this fall. Doris Roberts will appear on the season premier this fall as a guest star, reuniting her with Patricia Heaton in the process.

Roberts will play the role of Brick’s new teacher. Not surprisingly to “Raymond” fans, Roberts’ character will have some strong opinions and won’t be shy about sharing them with Heaton’s character. An intimidating presence and lack of reluctance in sharing criticism should be a familiar role for Roberts given she has perfected the role in the past.

The 79 year old actress starred on “Everybody Loves Raymond” alongside Heaton, who currently stars in “The Middle.” Heaton, who played Ray’s wife Debra, constantly dealt with the nagging presence of her know it all mother-in-law Marie, played by Roberts. The season premier of “The Middle” will air on September 22.

(Source: EW)