BIG BROTHER 12 Week 2 PoV Competition / Veto Ceremony


What does one do after they put up on the block with their “bestie” in the BIG BROTHER 12 house? If you’re brats like Britney and Monet, you weep like little kids who just got their toys taken away. Note to all Big Brother contestants – you will most likely be put up on the block, especially if you make it a point to let the HOH know you hate them. Anyways, the pity party continued for Britney and Monet, but I think what made them more upset was that they knew that really no one in the house cared if they went home. That’s a tough pill to swallow in a game that is full of strategy and alliances. Rachel wanted to chat with Britney, because like any other human, she was worried about a girl who seemed to be crying non-stop. And this was the point where Rachel really missed her opportunity to explain to Britney why she was chosen. Up until then, Britney just believes it’s a personal attack, but this was when Rachel could have explained how the other house guests, specifically Hayden had said it would be easy to get rid of the girls as opposed to others.

Hayden and his hidden ‘Brigade,’ really seem able to fly under the radar, which will prove important down the road. This is the worst part of Big Brother – watching and knowing that there is an alliance which is actually ruling the house right now and no one acknowledging it in the house. Rachel and Brendon sort of did with these nominations, by not making waves and nominating strong competitors, but really nobodies who wouldn’t alter the play of the game. And man, Hayden doesn’t waste any time about bragging about this, loudly, in the Diary Room. When will these folks get clued into whats going on?

So it finally came time for the POV challenge, which would be played with HOH and nominees, Rachel, Britney, Monet, as well as Enzo, Lane and HOH choice, duhhhh, Brendon. This group of players doesn’t bode well for either of the nominated ladies, because none of these folks would go out of their way to make waves and help them out. The challenge was a cheesy play on stock market, with the players attempting to hold onto a briefcase and the winner would be the person who dropped the case closest to an hour, but without going over. And watching these folks count for an hour is as fun as you might think. But somehow at the end, (SPOILER ALERT) Britney came out on top and won POV.

Congrats girl. But Britney is still sad because she now knows its definitely her bestie, Money, going home this week. The two decide to ask Rachel to put up Andrew in Britney’s place, proving they are in fact just as stupid as we all think. Oh sure, lets nominate the dude who has never done anything wrong to the HOH to secure a spot for her arch enemy in the house. Rachel listens to the girls pretty pathetic plea, which didn’t offer anything to Rachel other than possibly not nominating her or Brendon next week. Wow, some powerful game play. But what is shocking is that Rachel was actually considering it, to avoid making any more waves. She knows her showman with Brendon has a put a target on her back and the less waves she makes, the better. Brendon is smart enough not to put up Andrew, as he could prove to be a strong alliance in the future. So the couple fight over who it should be, enter Matt and Ragan into the HOH room and Matt has an interesting strategy. Put him up. The random member of the ‘Brigade’ has been on Rachel’s radar for being a creep since the beginning, and has spent this past week telling anyone who would listen about some silly story about how his wife was just diagnosed with a rare disease that turns bone mass to candle wax or something. And while pity is a strength in the beginning, it might not help someone else’s game to bring along a person whose fib could take the whole pot.

But wait there’s more – Rachel is finally getting that there is something off about Matt and freaks out about how he would just put himself up there. Matt continuously says how much this will allow the house guests and the ‘Brigage’ to trust him, but we’ve seen people get backdoored for bigger things than a fake illness. At the POV ceremony, Rachel dished out the new nominee, Matt, but repeated to the group that he was just a pawn. Apparently, she forgot how this thing works. Now, Britney hates her and will be working to get her out of the house. She will just need at least one person to work with to help her make that come true.

So what do you think of the nominee? Do you think getting rid of Monet is a strategic win for Rachel and Brendon? And are you as sick of hearing about the ‘Brigade’ as I am?

Danielle – The Spielster