Michael Ealy Cast in THE GOOD WIFE

Michael Ealy

Actor Michael Ealy has signed on to join the cast of the television series “The Good Wife.” Ealy will appear in at least 10 episodes when the second season of “The Good Wife” returns to the air this fall.

Ealy will be joining the show in the role of Derrick Bond. Bond owns a law firm in D.C. that is merging with Will and Diane’s firm in order to provide them with financial stability. Bond’s attitude and approach are said to be at odds with those of Will and Diane. The often self-serving approach of Will and Diane will be at odds with Bond’s egalitarian beliefs. Ealy is the second new cast member for “The Good Wife” this week after it was announced Tammy Blanchard would also be joining the show as a member of Will and Diane’s firm.

Ealy’s previous work on television includes roles in “Flashforward” and “Sleeper Cell.”

(Source: EW)