MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “And the Rocky Goes To…” Review

Make It Or Break It (ABC Family)

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT seems to be bringing its focus back on gymnastics this season. And as the title suggests, the episode “And the Rocky Goes To…” is centered on the annual Rock Banquet, which celebrates the girls’ gymnastic achievements. Lauren and Steve campaign for the Rocky popularity award and the Parents Boards President position, respectively. Like father, like daughter, they are both insensitive to everyone around them as they go about their sneaky ways to promote themselves. With Emily and Lauren at each other’s throats, Chloe suggests that she and Emily try to kill Lauren with kindness. Of course Chloe ends up really wanting to kill Lauren until Summer offers that Lauren just needs someone to understand her. Right before accepting her Gymnast of the Year award, Kaylie discovers a divorce petition in her father’s jacket. She confronts her parents, persuading them to stay together for another six months. Then we learn that Payson is still dealing with emotional issues as a result of her back injury. And she is not too happy with Sasha’s new training program for her, which involves re-mastering the basics of gymnastics to become an artistic gymnast. Finally, a new tradition for the Rock Banquet begins with the presentation of the Payson Keller Award, the first of which was presented to Payson Keller. She is motivated to stick with training. Applause.

Right now, Emily seems to be the only sane one of the bunch. This episode of Make It or Break It brings up several issues that will probably come up in future storylines. These include Payson’s aforementioned emotional (anger and fear) issues; Lauren’s abandonment issues; and what seems to be a developing exercise obsession for Kaylie. Let’s hope that the prevalent concept of female empowerment in the show will help these girls get through their problems, especially as it seems the boys are less than reliable. They’re always coming and going at random, even the dads.

I was late jumping on the Make It or Break It bandwagon, so I started watching with expectations of pretend flips, exaggerated poses, and teenage hysterics. And I did get all of that but it came with a twist (excuse the pun). It’s about girls and their relationships, gymnastics, strength (as a team and alone), and beauty (inside and out). I like the fact that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows it’s a relationship drama of the soap opera variety; but it portrays the characters as the teenagers that they are. The most unexpected and pleasant surprise was that they had parents that actually played a role in their lives and were present in the show. Emily, Kaylie, Payson, and Lauren are working towards a dream. Each of the girls has her own individuality, or more accurately, her assigned stereotype; but there is complexity behind each individual. Truly there is something so likeable about Make It or Break It, despite (or maybe because of) the catfights, bare skin, and rotating boy toys.