Jon Hamm Gets Animated for THE SIMPSONS

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm will guest in a December episode of long-running FOX comedy THE SIMPSONS, but his role of FBI supervisor has less in common with Don Draper than it does with Hamm’s upcoming turn in the Ben Affleck-directed The Town. In fact, there will be no Mad Men references at all, according to Simpsons executive producer Al Jean.

An imprisoned Homer becomes an undercover informant who reports to Hamm’s character in an episode titled “Donnie Fatso.” Homer will infiltrate the inner circle of Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna also guest stars, reprising the role) but don’t expect Hamm’s character to become Homer’s buddy. “He has no patience for Homer,” according to Jean.

Hamm, who showed his comedy chops in a recurring role on 30 Rock, impressed Jean. “You gave him one note and he immediately did 12 great things with it. He was really funny. And handsome. He had it all.”

(Source: EW)