HAWTHORNE “The Match” Review

Hawthorne "The Match"

Tough choices are made in “The Match” episode of HAWTHORNE where twin girls each need a kidney and there is only one match: their brother. Christina tells volunteer Camille to help Kelly on the case, but she instead goes above and beyond by posting a video asking for donors on the internet. Much to Gail’s chagrin, the ER is soon flooded with people wanting to help. Meanwhile, Tom remains in denial about his arm’s lack of improvement until Erin forces him to face reality. Christina is in denial about the precariousness of her relationship with Tom following her rejection of his proposal and John Salley is denied respect from a pediatric cancer patient who was expecting Dwayne Wade instead. Oh, and Candy orders construction workers and Dr. Morrissey around, alluding for the ten millionth time to her tour in Afghanistan.

Tom calling out Christina for berating Camille after Camille prematurely blabbed to the mom that a match had been found may be my favorite Hawthorne moment ever. Tom is absolutely right:
Christina pulls stunts like that every day, so the hypocrisy was stunning and Christina’s heartfelt apology to Camille at the end of the episode is overdue. Too often Tom comes across as too Mr. Perfect and to see the cracks tonight (“I wanted to get married, not watch a movie”) made me like him that much more. While I’m glad Christina said no to the too-impulsive proposal, I’m also pleased Tom isn’t being a (total) doormat. Christina does look a bit too smug when she snuggles up to Tom on the couch to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, but I don’t think she’ll stay smug for long. Something is brewing between clueless Tom and the increasingly likeable Erin and I can’t wait for all kinds of sparks to fly.

Sara Gilbert continues her run as Malia, the nurse with the terrible bedside manner and she is an excellent foil to super-sweet Kelly. While the True Wishes storyline is mostly filler, it provides some much-needed comic relief. Unfortunately there is very little Bobbie tonight and Ray’s only purpose is to smooth feathers ruffled by Commando Barbie. Why was Candy brought back again?

It’s good to see Hawthorne rebound after a fairly bad episode last week. The Match, while far from perfect, has good story flow and I think Christina is finally being forced to see her actions from a different perspective. I love how her expression changes from indignant to disbelieving to impressed as Gail slowly but surely talks Walter into the surgery. Gail is abrasive and tyrannical, but she cares about the patients as much as Christina, just without Christina’s blinders or her selective outrage. Her outrage is much more consistent. More selfish, too, but that makes her more realistic to me.

Hawthorne‘s second season has been uneven so far, so I’d like to see more episodes like this one. What do you think of “The Match?” How long until Tom ditches Christina for Erin?

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