DAMAGES Avoids Cancellation Thanks to DirecTV

The FX drama series “Damages” has managed to avoid cancellation thanks to a deal with DirecTV that will see the series moved to the satellite provider. DirecTV and Sony Pictures reached a deal allowing the satellite provider to acquire the series from FX after months of negotiations.

The terms of the deal between Sony and DirecTV will result in “Damages” airing on DirecTV’s 101 Network. DirecTV will air two additional seasons of “Damages,” with each season consisting of 10 episodes. The deal is a life saver for the series and will bring some additional viewers to one of DirecTV’s own network channels. “Damages” will no longer be seen on FX under the deal though, with the new seasons airing exclusively on DirecTV.

A similar deal was brokered between DirecTV and NBC regarding the series “Friday Night Lights.” However, that deal allowed the show to remain on both NBC and DirecTV’s own network channel.

(Source: EW)