COVERT AFFAIRS “Walter’s Walk” Review

Covert Affairs (USA)

You know, I’m beginning to feel like the USA network can do no wrong and COVERT AFFAIRS is another example of that. I’ve never been big into the Bond franchise so my previous spy experience has been mostly through comedies – guys in trench coats talking in code, gadgets, all that silly stuff. I had no idea that some of that stuff was actually real.

In this week’s episode of Covert Affairs, titled “Walter’s Walk”, Annie is given the task of dealing with the “walk-ins” – people that claim to have information crucial for the CIA. After making her way through the obligatory crazies, she meets a mother whose young son has just stumbled across something real. The kid has been listening on transmissions that turn out to be coded spy communications. They trace it to the IRA with the help of an MI:6 operative assigned to work with Annie. In the end though, it turns out that the operative was a double agent.

My favorite bits…

Auggie’s joke about “Finally a space with windows…..or so I’m told.”

The montage of nutjobs… I mean walk-ins.

Auggie’s response to Jay joining their team. Whoa, wonder what happened between those two in the past. I also like how they did one of the camera angles for that scene through an opening and closing glass door. It made for a very interesting effect.

The MI:6 guy making fun on Annie’s ancient cell phone. I never thought of how they would have to fight to keep up with encryptions on cell phones. I guess that means none of them are running around with iPhones these days.

Joan lamenting that Annie and her partner had to flee a crime scene in Bethesda and not in DC because “their cops are so much slower”. LOL.

Watching how Annie has to struggle with wanting to be there for her family and not being allowed to get too close or let them know exactly who she is. I can’t imagine how hard that must be.

Auggie telling Annie that the problem with her training is that it didn’t take into account that “fights are frantic and ugly and they are won at very close range”. I also loved watching him teaching her all the techniques – it made me want to go out and take boxing lessons.

Annie setting up her makeshift bomb and blowing a couple of the bad guys sky high, and then using her newly learned hand-to-hand skills to kick the double agent’s ass. Nice!

The way that Annie just had to know whether or not the guy was telling the truth when he was talking about family, even if she had to have that conversation with him in the back of a police car.

Discovering that the reason Jay has been sent to the DPD is to get close to Annie so that they can get close to her ex, Ben. Hmmm….spies within the spies. Interesting.

Annie deciding to put family first and sign her sister’s will.

Overall another good episode of this new series that has opened my eyes to the fascinating world of the spy game.