At least there’s one thing going for THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: it is consistent. This week’s mind numbing installment was entitled “New York, New York” because one of the characters was in New York and another character went to New York to visit her. This was to inform her that he knocked up another girl even though he was in a relationship with her.

You’d get less sermons at a church than you would listening to five minutes of this show. Ricky’s mother shows up. She has to turn herself back to prison since she violated her parole. Ricky and his mother have a cutesy wootsey bonding session, bantering about the fact that she’s clean off drugs. This is after he lectures her on gun control.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager has had so many cringe worthy moments but the opening scene, the argument between Ricky and Ashley, eavesdropped by her parents, reached an all time low. That her parents were giggling at the dating and sex discussion between their youngest daughter and their oldest daughter’s baby daddy was disturbing to say the least. Then Ashley’s conversation with her father: “he doesn’t look at me the way a guy looks at a friend and that’s not the way I look at him either” was just stupid.

Grace told Adrian about the meeting of the dead parent’s club. Adrian told the entire school she was pregnant and that Ben was the father.

Lauren and Madison are often used for comic relief. Professional comedians would light themselves on fire if they ever witnessed such a thing. Their respective boyfriends are in cahoots to get ‘more action’ which in this show is code for possibly a smooch or pregnancy. Another lesson of abstinence. Clearly, Alan Ball does not write this show.

“Sometimes you have to let your head overrule your heart.” This was the beginning of a motherly speech to Ashley with sappy background music and Molly Ringwald searching for her cue cards, forsaking her plastic dignity for the cheque she probably had clenched in her fist.

In New York, Ben finally blurts out that he impregnated Adrian. Amy has a break down and leaves, missing out on the pie. It was a very weird scene and a waste of a private jet.

All I can say to surmise is The Secret Life of the American Teenager is the perfect cure for insomnia.

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