PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “The Homecoming Hangover” Episode 7 Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "The Homecoming Hangover"

Just when I thought this week’s episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS was falling flat like a bad hangover, it ended with the shocking revelation that Toby may not be returning. Although we do not find out exactly what happens, it looks serious and permanent. It left at least one character devastated and one character relieved. Will we ever know if Toby was a good guy or a bad guy?

Although last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars ended in a cliffhanger, we don’t seem to get any answers this week about what exactly happened to Emily. We know that she is not dead. We know that she hit her head on something. And we also know that Toby did not mean her any harm as he dropped her off at the hospital before disappearing into the night. This logic, however, is lost on the other three girls who are still insistent that Toby is Alison’s killer, is out to get them, and is also the mysterious “A.” Somehow, I don’t think that one person is responsible for all three things.

As I suspected, Hanna finally has a boy fall in love with her. Too bad it is not Sean. Hanna is beginning to realize that perhaps she and Sean do not have anything in common aside from their popularity. Perhaps Hanna just set her sights on Sean as the ideal goal back when she was “Hefty Hanna”, as Alison cruelly nicknamed her, without any actual knowledge about Sean as a person. Why else would a sexually overcharged popular girl pick a virgin-until-married guy?

Aria has reached stalker level. She calls Mr. Fitz repeatedly on both his cell and home phone. She goes to his apartment. She asks entirely too many questions of the substitute teacher about his whereabouts. Finally, she breaks into his apartment. I am not sure what she expected to find there. Was Aria not paying attention last week when Mr. Fitz dismissed their relationship? It was not at all surprising that Aria thought the flowers were from Mr. Fitz when they were really from Sean. Life lesson number one – never tell your good friend to keep an eye on your boyfriend. It never ends well.

Spencer wants to prove to Alex that she is genuinely interested in him and begs for a makeup date. When Alex has to cancel because he has to work, Spencer is happy to work right along with him. That is, until she finds the bitch board, which is the equivalent of the Burn Book from Mean Girls. Dismayed to find herself on the board, she secretly wonders if Alex is right for her. A few dances and swings around the kitchen (hair net be damned!) and all is right between them again. For now. I am sure this not the end of the issue of class division between Spencer and the cabana boy.

“A” made less of an appearance this show, while Jenna was around more than we have ever seen her. Jenna’s insistence on obtaining Toby’s file makes me wonder if there was something more devastating in it other than their peculiar relationship. Although Emily assured Jenna that the file was gone for good, water doesn’t destroy paper. It just makes it soggy. Ask the mysterious black clothed figure picking up the pieces from the river. Has “A” been replaced by a girl/guy in black? Or are they the same person?

Jenna declared, “Secrets have a way of getting out.” I wish that were true. The secrets that the girls have, that Toby has, that Jenna has, and that almost every character seems to have seem juicy. I want more of them! Let’s start by what Alison told Jenna when she came to visit her in the hospital.

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