MEMPHIS BEAT “One Night of Sin” Review

Memphis Beat (TNT) - Jason Lee

Boy, MEMPHIS BEAT is sure brining out some fantastic guest stars right out of the gate. First it was Juliette Lewis and now it’s Giovanni Ribisi.

In tonight’s episode of Memphis Beat, called “One Night of Sin”, the manager of a late country singing legend falls to his death in an apparent suicide, just minutes after the memorial service. Things are never as they appear though and Dwight of course figures out pretty quickly that the man was murdered.

Giovanni plays Gene, a man suspected of the murder but who ends up helping lead them to the real culprit. Gene is a character who’s supposed to be mentally unstable and Giovanni plays that beautifully. He doesn’t poor it on too strong though. He just brings us in slowly, showing us who this guy is and how he sees the world just a wee bit differently than the rest of us.

My favorite bits…

For “not being so good on camera” (as he put it), Dwight sure knew how to chat it up when he was plopped in front of one.

The perfect family on stage turning out be not so much, behind the scenes.

The way Dwight and Whitehead got the security guy to admit that he left his post, by buying him a few beers and acting impressed by his multiple conquests.

Dwight saying that Gene had a screw loose and Whitehead asking if he was the pot or the kettle. LOL! Burn!

Finding myself immediately kinda liking Gene, even with his loose screw. I loved that he threatened Whitehead not only with a call to his superiors, but to his mother too.

Being immediately suspicious of the son-in-law as soon as he warned Dwight that Gene wasn’t to be trusted.

Dwight telling Whitehead that he wasn’t as good at the job without him.

The documentary film maker’s reaction to Dwight’s Elvis collection and asking him what his ex-wife must have though of it. Wait. Is there something wrong with having an Elvis collection in your living room?

Finding out that one of the sisters ended up falling for a man….who turned out to be her father. Nothing happened between them, but still, how awful.

The Lieutenant telling Whitehead “Men…these dances that you do, you must be exhausted”. That was all kinds of brilliant.

The way Dwight told Gene how he understood how the guy felt about everything changing in music and being nostalgic for the way it used to be. Judging by his own collection (which looked very similar to Gene’s), I think Dwight new exactly how that felt.

Gene helping Dwight and Whitehead to catch the bad guy. Yay for him!

The last song with Dwight and Delilah. It was so gorgeous, I was rocking out and tapping my foot. Loved it!

Okay so I know I’m probably biased because I admitted up front that I liked the guest star this week, but still I really enjoyed this episode. Great story, great dialogue, superb acting and wonderful music – what was there not to like?

What did you think of episode 5 of Memphis Beat “One Night of Sin”? Leave a comment below.