HUGE (ABC Family) “Talent Night” Episode 4 Review

HUGE is a great example that you don’t need big, fast action to produce an interesting show. There is no instant gratification but a lot of heartfelt (and heartbreaking) moments that slowly draw you into the situation.

In the episode “Talent Night”, the story is centered on Will’s search for her lost journal, as well as on the camp talent show. I really appreciate how subtle references are interspersed throughout each episode of Huge, embodying the moral or theme of each episode, as well as the general message of the show itself. These hints aren’t blatant or meant as preaching, just reminders that tie the show together. The issues of blame and responsibility come into play in this episode.

Will is completely on edge after discovering that she has lost her journal. Ian finds it in the laundry room, where he reads a page before Alistair takes it away from him, bringing it to the lost and found. Looking for a camera, Amber and Chloe see the journal and are about to read it when Becca indignantly storms in and grabs it away from them. In turn, she decides to read the journal. Will is relieved when she has it back.

Ian ends up using the words from Will’s journal in the song that he sings for the talent show. Will runs off; and Ian learns that the journal is hers. She says that they will never be friends again. Chloe learns that Amber lied about having a camera when she claimed Sierra’s camera from the lost and found. They don’t perform the song “Baby Got Back” that they had planned to perform; but Becca does in their place. Alistair turns from magician to comedian in his talent show act, after becoming flustered seeing Chloe kiss Trent .

Additionally, we are introduced to Wayne, who is a land surveyor hired by the neighboring tennis camp to measure the property line between the two camps. We will probably be seeing him again, since he kept making eyes at Dr. Rand, who we learn has an addiction problem.

Huge shows how refreshing change can be and what a welcome change it is to see true to life characters on TV. As the show chugs along, we are able to learn about the characters just as if we ourselves were meeting someone at camp for the first time. There is something very inviting about this. This isn’t a show that makes you say, “I can’t believe that just happened!” It makes you think and say, “Oh, so that’s how it is.”

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