THE GATES “The Monster Within” Review

The Gates (ABC)

This week’s episode of THE GATES, called “The Monster Within”, was about a lot of people’s secrets coming out. The biggest one being that Nick has been lying all along about the “accidental” shooting he was involved in last year. It turns out that he deliberately shot the rapist when it became apparent that the man was going to go free for his crimes. Before we can recover fully from the news though, Teresa reveals her own secret – her brother is the man Nick shot and she wants him and his family dead, forcing Dylan to show his true self to the chief in order to save his life.

Meanwhile Brett goes running with the pack again and this time ends up killing a hunter who shoots another member, Andie’s powers become stronger and her father has to finally tell her that she’s a succubus, and Claire realizes her feedings with Christian have to stop when a nosy neighbor spots the two of them together at a bar.

Some of my favorite bits…

The wolf pack having a hierarchy all its own and finding out that the coach was Beta Male. That explains why he keeps helping them.

Sarah doing her best to keep Nick’s mind off of the fact that it’s been one year since the shooting that changed their lives.

Andie’s succubus kiss causing Charlie to pass out, but the doc calling it mono. Pretty clever cover, but the doc and Dad know that they have to tell her what she really is now.

Dylan and Nick making tentative amends over a corsage. The moment I saw that, I wondered if these two might somehow end up as friends at some point.

Kind of wishing that Claire would have let Christian eat that little gossip monger, Barbara.

Finally figuring out why I’ve always been a little suspicious of Teresa. I knew there was something up with her, but I just couldn’t figure it out – until she pulled the gun on Nick.

Dylan going all vampy and tearing out Teresa’s throat, then telling Nick “you know exactly what I am” with the blood running down his face. Nice bit of action, great drama, awesome line – there was nothing about that scene I didn’t like and it got me very excited to see what happens next.

Overall I really liked this episode as I have been waiting all along for the moment when the peculiarities of The Gates would make themselves known to Nick. I also like that there’s the extra twist of him now being forced to ally himself with one of the residents. I think it will make for some interesting episodes in the future.