THE CLOSER “Help Wanted” Review

The Closer "Help Wanted"

THE CLOSER doesn’t usually go for the “ripped from the headlines” type storylines, but tonight’s episode, “Help Wanted,” tackled the issue of immigration and the problems the police face when illegal immigrants are victims of crime. This episode was much darker and more intense than last week’s season premiere. It felt like a true return to form, and, by the end of the show tonight, all I could think was, “Yes! The Closer is BACK.”

I think we need to talk about that ending first. Who knew that Mary McDonnell’s Captain Raydor, perpetual pain in Brenda’s butt, would end up being her biggest advocate? I love that even though the two women have butted heads in the past, Captain Raydor recognized that Brenda would make an excellent candidate for Chief of Police. But it does raise all sorts of questions: Will Brenda sign the application? If she does, won’t Chief Pope, who thinks he’s a shoe-in for the job, see that as a betrayal? If she were to get the job, wouldn’t that be the end of the show as we know it?

Back to this episode’s case, which involved a serial rapist, Agent Meyers, whose crimes seemed particularly brutal and horrific since he had the power to deport his victims in order to silence them. It really highlighted how powerless these women were in their situation as illegal immigrants. It was also interesting that the wealthy families that employed these women would trust them with their children, yet knew virtually nothing about them. Sanchez seem to take these crimes personally, and I liked the way they shot his scenes on the bus as if he could see what had happened.

Like Brenda, I initially suspected the mayor’s friend (Titus Welliver), but only because he was the evil man in black on LOST. It turns out he was just a red herring, but, man, that dude is good at playing the angry bad guy.

Brenda had a close call in that intense standoff with Agent Meyers, but, luckily, Fritz came to her rescue. And then he nearly lost it! He was even more shaken up than Brenda, and she was the one who was nearly shot.

So I thought this episode of The Closer was much better than the season premiere, how about you? Do you think Brenda will apply for the promotion? Is this situation going to create drama between her and Pope? Where will Commander Taylor end up? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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