LIE TO ME “Delinquent” Review

LIE TO ME - Delinquent

In this week’s episode of LIE TO ME, titled “Delinquent”, Torres has some family drama when her sister calls and leaves her a frantic message. Torres, who is normally tough as nails and always knows what to do, is suddenly at a loss and goes running straight for the one person she knows can help – Cal.

Once Cal gets involved, things get even more complicated as Eva’s best friend turns up murdered. As everyone works on trying to figure out who did it, they find out that the murder is part of a bigger picture. The deputy warden has been running a breaking and entering operation from the center and using the kids as her personal crew of thieves.

My favorite bits…

Emily catching her dad actually praying while giving her a driving lesson…right before she hit a fire hydrant. Oops, poor girl.

I loved how Cal felt the need to clarify that when he said “grow a pair” , he meant testicles.

Pretty brilliant of Torres to turn on the fake tears and threaten to take them to the press so she could see her sister.

I laughed so hard at “what’s with the old white guy?” – then I laughed about ten times harder at the “you’re super sexy, wanna make out?” and “absolutely, climb on board darling”. Seriously, can this man get any cooler??

Eli being completed insulted that everyone left him alone and didn’t fill him in on the case all day.

This bit between Cal and the doctor – such classic Cal.
“You’re kind of a jerk.”
“Yeah, I have been told that.”

The entire scene where Torres showed up at Cal’s place (as he put it) drunk off her face.

The way Cal took one look at Foster after the attack, immediately went and gave her a hug and then later let her cry on his shoulder a little bit and called her “darling”. He tries to play the big bully but it’s little moments like that which show me that he’s really a big softie.

After being freaked out by the attack, the way Foster was able to crank up the toughness when she was questioning one of her attackers. Way to go, Foster.

When Cal flipped the switch on the interrogation room and turned the glass clear so that the deputy warden could see the faces of all the kids she had betrayed, and then the way they all got to cheer as she was taken away. That was awesome.

A nice little montage at the end – Torres seeing her sister off to her new school, Foster getting flowers from the cute doctor and Emily passing her driving test. That was super sweet.

Overall I really liked this episode of Lie To Me for giving us a nice bit of backstory on Torres. I only wish we’d seen a little bit more of Eli. It seems like he’s been in the background a lot recently so I hope that means we’re going to see more of him soon.