HUNG “Mind Bullets or Bang Bang Bang Bang M.F.” Review

This week’s episode of HUNG titled “Mind Bullets or Bang Bang Bang Bang M.F.” was kind of like the game “which one of these is not like the other.”

First we have Ray trying to enjoy some time with his children by making them run. While Ray thinks he is helping them by making them healthier, clearly neither child is an athlete. That exercise probably caused Dar the most anxiety as she had just gone to the fitness protest last week and is of the belief, or at least the assertion, that she is perfectly content with her body. The kids, in their usual fashion, cut Ray right to the bone with the astute observation that Ray would never be friends with them in high school. Despite his protests, I think Ray knows it is true. When Dar says, “people look at you and mom and wonder where we came from”, I have to admit I thought that very thing just last week.

Jessica also finds herself in a group of people with whom she has nothing in common. Sadly, her husband is one of those people. It is only through an extremely awkward dinner party that Jessica is made aware of the actual financial difficulties affecting her family. Her husband offers up no real solution other than to have a baby. Despite the fact that this makes absolutely no logical sense as they both had decided not to have any more children and despite the fact that it makes absolutely no financial sense as another child will only cost the family more, this is something that Jessica’s husband deems makes a woman “know how to be married.” This only sends Jessica back to Lenore and probably with a request for a package from Happiness Consultants. Fortunately Ray and Lenore show up at the same thereby ending any possibility that Ray may be accidentally sent as an escort to his ex-wife, again. How will Lenore explain to Jessica that she cannot offer her any assistance?

Of course Lenore and Tanya are nothing alike. Not only would they not be friends in high school, but if not for this business venture, I doubt Lenore would ever stop to talk to Tanya. Sure she may throw some change into Tanya’s coffee cup while mistaking her for a homeless person, but that is about it. Lenore is a piece or work though, isn’t she? Just when I thought that Tanya had reached the ultimate level of paranoia over her sweater, turns out she may have been on to something. I think Tanya is much smarter than even I gave her credit for. Also, who just replaces their stolen dog within one day and refuses to accept the original? Lenore may be devoid of a soul.

Charlie is back! He is by far my favorite character on this show. Who wouldn’t love a guy who says “One ho! Two pimps?” and then just chuckles at the insanity of it all. Charlie at first gives Tanya alarming advice on how to deal with Lenore, however, once Tanya realizes he is speaking metaphorically, she follows what he says. Although I am quite sure Charlie did not mean to steal a dog from a church parking lot while yelling “M.F.” Then again, Charlie is a street pimp, so who knows. Interestingly enough, it seems that even Charlie got caught up in the question of whether he and Tanya were friends. Tanya brushes him off by insisting they just met, but I think she knows the answer. If not for the business talk, she wouldn’t look twice at this guy.

After watching the characters attempt to sort out their roles both in their lives and the lives of others, I started to wonder, does anyone on this show have anything in common with anyone? What do you think? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

(Photo: Courtesy of HBO)