Review: TRUE BLOOD “Trouble” Season 3 Episode 5

True Blood (HBO) Trouble

Even though I didn’t love last week’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, this week’s episode titled “Trouble” (Season 3 Episode 5) totally redeemed it. Lots of great stuff happened so let’s take things one at a time.


I know I repeat myself, but I still think Franklin is freaking awesome and officially a psycho. I mean, he cried when Tara tried to escape, seriously?!!! That was hilarious! Oh and best of all he wants Tara to be his “vampire bride,” how can you not love him?!


But more seriously, speaking of Tara if it’s even possible she got herself in an even bigger mess than the Maryann debacle. Out of all the vampires she could have gotten involved with she picked the ultimate psycho who wants to turn her. And here’s the worse part, if he does turn her, she still wouldn’t be able to get away from him because he would be her maker, hence stronger than her even as a vampire. Yeah, she’s screwed…


Finally Eric gets something interesting to do and gets involved in the King storyline. And here’s the kicker, we find out that the King killed Eric’s father. I smell some kind of showdown between Eric and the King coming up.


On the lighter side of things, how sweet and adorable was Terry when moving in with Arlene?! It’s going to be so sad when he finds out the baby is not his, because you know that’s going to come out.


Jason’s cop career is not going the way he was expecting and we all know this is going to end badly, I mean it’s Jason, do I even need to say more?
On the other hand, his run in with Crystal was pretty interesting. I can’t wait to find out how it all turns out.


Lafayette’s finally getting a love interest and a cute one too. The scene between him and Jesus were so sweet, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these two. Could they become the new Hoyt and Jessica?


Speaking of Hoyt, he took a date to Merlotte’s, is someone trying to make Jessica jealous?


Even though I like Jessica and Hoyt together, am I seeing a possibility of something happening between her and Tommy? That would be an interesting match, I’m just saying.


There is more to Sam’s family than meets the eyes, that’s for sure. And the father who seemed so sweet is now kind of creeping me out. I wonder what secrets they’re hiding.


And finally Sookie! I just need to put it out there, with all her faults, I really love Sookie. Now that it’s out, who else was really happy about the Sookie/Bill (even though it was cut short) reunion? He still loves her, yay! Unfortunately things are not looking too good with the King trying to kidnap Sookie. Which leads me to the…


What the he’ll happened? Once again it seems that Sookie’s power go way beyond her hearing other people’s thoughts. It also seems that it’s the same thing with Maryann last season. I just hope that we get an explanation for it this time around. Can’t wait for next week, especially after that crazy preview.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode of True Blood “Trouble” (Season 3 Episode 5)? Are you as curious as I am about Sam’s family and Sookie’s “powers”?

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