Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 2 Nomination Ceremony


One of the best parts of BIG BROTHER is just how the game can change within a week. Last week, Rachel and Brendon were the targets of the house – both being put up by Hayden and this week, with Rachel wining “Head of Household,” its a totally new game. Now that being said, Rachel and Brendon might be smart outside the house, but their game seriously needs some refreshing. Right after Annie was booted, Brendon opened up to the rest of the housemates, who have been gunning for him from day one, that he is indeed a scientist and well, pretty darn smart. Confessional conversations reveal that Ragan and Andrew are too, one being a professor and one being a doctor, but they wouldn’t announce that just yet. Smart move boys. What’s not a smart move Andrew? Jumping up and down when Rachel wins HOH and putting a target on your back.

This week started off interesting because the only person that was safe with Rachel as HOH is Brendon. With the showman in full effect, the couple need to pull out all the stops to make a power move and keep themselves on the top long enough to get some of their ‘real’ competition kicked out. A visit to Rachel’s HOH left us wanting a lot. Generally, the visits are filled with photos of loved ones, favorite goodies, but this time it seemed Rachel was more stoked to get a feather boa and a bottle of Tequila than a photo of her pet. I still can’t tell if Rachel is one of the dumbest house guests this year, or is all of this annoying voice, too-nice to function just an act? Everyone pretends they care whats in the room, but Brittany and Monet can’t believe that Rachel is this excited over some booze. Hayden is also fearful because he put the showmance couple up last week, and he has been crushing on attractive weirdo Kristen, so he wants to make sure they are both safe. Oh and he needs to protect the brigade, the group of dudes like Matt, Enzo, Hayden and Lane (who I continually forget is alive), his early on alliance of meaty semi-swift dudes. Enzo, being the only voice of reason in the group, is worried that they might go up, but since their alliance is a secret to everyone except for like Brittany, he’s not too worried. But he’s wary of Andrew, thanks to his jumping up with glee at Rachel’s earlier win and he still thinks he might be the Saboteur. Ugh more on that in a bit.

Next up is the Have / Have Not competition, the weekly game that decides who will be eating the chosen slop of the week and those who continue to nourish themselves. For some reason, Rachel decided a graffiti wall in neon colors was similar enough to “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” that it made it necessary for her to put on a “thuggish” voice and repeatedly say y’all. Her voice, just 10 minutes into the episode, is already making my ears bleed – now I know why Brittany and Monet hate. The three teams of four all stuck up one of their members to a moving wall with hyper color tape and after a long battle, Ragan first dropped and then it was down to Kathy and Brittany. Both were falling, and thanks to water guns from opposing teams, the tape was losing its grip. Brittany would have most likely pulled it off (hahaha),e except she began to fall into the tape on her neck and she was chocking. She was ripped down and the orange team won – they decided that the blue team should be have nots because they were stronger competitors / didn’t help them, so after almost choking Brittany, along with Enzo, Brendon and Monet will be noshing on fishsticks and fruit cakes this week.

So this gets Brittany and Monet super mad, and worried. They know they are obvious targets of Rachel’s, as they haven’t gotten along and both chat up Rachel to see if they can sway her vote away from them. But neither of the girls present better people to put up. Rachel loosely discusses with the girls the possible nomination of Andrew, but that doesn’t really make any sense and then they cryptically discuss Matt. Hayden does his final play, and without confirming a thing to them, makes Rachel and Brendon believe they might be in an alliance with him and Kristen. The minute that Rachel got HOH, you knew her nominations wouldn’t be as strategical as we would all like.

At the end, Rachel did the obvious and nominated Monet and Brittany, keeping the folks who put her up last week safe and proving that chicks are sometimes too catty for their own good. Her reasoning was flawed, but she knew both of those girls would nominate her in a second, so she was smart with that. And I’m fairly certain that neither of these girls could get a veto without help from friends, so lets see what goes down this Wednesday.

What do you think of Rachel’s nominations? And can you believe the brigade is going to stay a secret for another week? If you were Brittany, would you rat them out?