ENTOURAGE “Dramedy” Review

Entourage (HBO)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of ENTOURAGE “Dramedy”? Since my review last week was an early review and I couldn’t speak to any spoilers, I’d like to first talk about Vince’s new haircut. Personally, I love it. I feel like it was a long time coming and it looks great on him. What you all think? Yay or nay? I think he looks great with short hair. Since season one, I’ve though that he’d look amazing with a nice buzz cut and I wasn’t wrong. Nice job Vince!

In this episode everybody seems to be having work related problems. First let’s talk about Turtle. Business has not been booming for him and things came to a head when basically his whole staff walk out on him. I have a feeling that things will pick up for him soon; what do you think? I really liked seeing him with Jamie Siegler so it’s a bummer seeing him so lost in this season. I feel like he will come into his own soon.

Then there is Ari. He was in the hot seat last week after getting caught by his wife dancing with our favorite adulteress, Lizzie. Now Lizzie has been fired; which I basically think is BS. Do you think Lizzie should still be employed or do you think she should have lost her job? I feel like even though she has done some not cool things, she is still a hard worker and deserves a second chance.

Although this show has had its ups and downs and by no means left off in a cliffhanger, I felt like it was a great episode. As always, I was left wondering why this isn’t an hour long series. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of tonight’s episode of Entourage “Dramedy”!