DROP DEAD DIVA “Begin Again” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime)

There are a few new beginnings on the “Begin Again” episode of DROP DEAD DIVA, where a pop duo is accused of murdering their manager and Grayson and Jane must work with an attorney from another firm to clear their clients. Grayson represents one of the two singing sisters and he chooses Jane for second chair because she’s a pop music expert. Much to Jane’s dismay, Grayson is instantly attracted to the other sister’s lawyer (Jaime Ray Newman), but Jane still manages to clear both clients with an assist from Stacy while Grayson stands uselessly nearby. In the B case, Parker’s favorite inn has been slandered by an anonymous review site and he needs Kim to save its reputation. She does, but Parker’s reputation takes a hit while Teri’s is enhanced by some nice investigative work.

I’m not usually bothered by the sloppy legal work and unrealistic portrayal of the legal system, but, wow, was it out of control here. In criminal cases, all evidence is shown to the defense, so the surprises here are infuriating, especially the prosecution’s breaking of the sisters’ alibi. That no one on the defense checked with the movie box office isn’t just unrealistic, it’s malpractice bordering on an ethics violation that completely took me out of the show. The rest of the case was equally frustrating (I knew it was the assistant the second I saw her and I hate that) except for Stacy’s awesome glitter poster tearing apart Jane’s client’s story. Never underestimate Stacy.

The Hideaway Inn case was run of the mill with no standout guest stars, but I love the idea of Teri becoming Harrison and Parker’s Kalinda (The Good Wife) minus the boots of justice. I like that she made a mistake that embarrassed Kim because, seriously, Kim needs to be embarrassed once in a while but then more than made up for it with the identity of the reviewer. That Kim then made slutty Parker squirm both in court and out—bonus. I’m still surprised by how much I like the Kim-Parker relationship. It’s growing slowly and is giving both characters a new dimension.

Stacy and Fred continue to make me laugh. His fake talking to an invisible girlfriend on the phone was hilarious and I liked his real girlfriend, too. I liked it even more when she dumped him over gazpacho. I’m sure Stacy and Fred will eventually get together, but I like them as they are, at least for now. I’m not as fond of the Jane-Grayson relationship, so while I don’t like seeing Jane sad, I want Grayson to date Vanessa for a long, long time. It’s time for Jane to shove Grayson off his pedestal and move on. I think gracefully (if tearfully) bowing out of the victory celebration is a great first step and I love that she’s going out with Stacy instead. She’s finding her balance of Jane and Deb more each week and it’s giving Drop Dead Diva some nice emotional depth.

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