SONS OF TUCSON “Glenn’s Birthday” Episode 11


Check out a first look of the upcoming episode of FOX’s SONS OF TUCSON “Glenn’s Birthday” Episode 11 airing this Sunday, July 18 (7:00-7:30 PM ET/PT).

Episode Synopsis: SONS OF TUCSON “Glenn’s Birthday” Episode 11 – Ron convinces the Gundersons to host a party to help Robby make friends his age, but Ron’s secret motive is for Robby and his new friends to embrace arts and crafts and make souvenirs that he can sell for profit. Meanwhile, Brandon tries to help Gary talk to his crush.

Cast: Tyler Labine as Ron Snuffkin; Matthew Levy as Brandon Gunderson; Frank Dolce as Gary Gunderson; Benjamin Stockham as Robby Gunderson

Guest Cast: Michael Horse as Mike Proudfoot; Ben Falcone as Dr. Lou; Buddy Handleson as Gabe; Stephanie Scott as Molly; Breanna Lynn as Jenna; Lacey Ellison as Amber; Ethan Lee as Boy #1; Aramis Knight as Boy #2; Andi Matheny as Molly’s Mother

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