ROYAL PAINS “Vino Veritas” Review

Royal Pains

In ROYAL PAINS‘ “Vino Veritas,” Hank’s former patient, teenage Tucker, is hanging out with his pal Oliver at Ollie’s family vineyard, when reckless attitude Oliver collapses while racing his tractor against Tucker’s Ferrari. Hank check him out and at first, the blackout seems just related to a toe injury. The Hank Med team’s invited to a party at the winery and Evan invites father Eddie (Henry Winkler) much to Hank’s annoyance. At the bash, Divya find out the winemaker is having headaches and has lost her tasting palette. She finally convinces her to go for tests in town. At he same time, Evan, earlier in the day had spotted Divya with Jill at a drug store, buying a pregnancy tests, so he thinks Divya’s in the family way. But she’s not pregnant and neither is Jill. It’s the winemaker who’s pregnant. Back at the winery, Oliver falls into an empty steel wine vat, still loaded with carbon dioxide at the bottom and passes out; when Tucker goes in after him, he almost completely out for the count, too. Hank and his father end up working together, hoisting rope to get the boys out, dad watches Hank perform a variation on a tracheotomy, and at the same time, they mend some fences between them. Finally, we learn about Tucker and a disinheritance that’s all about his grandfather bypassing his father to put Tucker in charge of the family money.

Once again, Royal Pains packs in so much, when it’s a half hour into the show, one thinks, “Wow, there’s more to come?” That’s a sign of a great program and certainly the case her. The Evan-Divya, snarky dislike-like verbal tennis match is beginning to sizzle again, especially when he realizes she’s still obligated to an arranged marriage in India. Also quite good is Hank and Eddie’s bonding that doesn’t result in all sunshine and is well played by Mark Feurstein and semi-regular for now Winkler. Eddie’s still a con artist type, a far cry from the Fonz.

While one may think of Napa Valley and other regions of California more for wine than the Hamptons, this was another Royal Pains slice of life in the area, a shift from the beaches, docked sailboats or horse shows and such. So will Eddie be more prominent in his boys’ lives and will Divya be leaving, to be replaced by, as Evan said, “another sexy Indian physician’s assistant? Stay tuned.

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