ROOKIE BLUE “Signals Crossed” Review

rookie blue

Prostitution abounds in ROOKIE BLUE‘s fourth episode, “Signals Crossed”. Andie, Grace and Chris all camouflage in hooker attire and prowl the streets with handcuffs at the ready. Dov is put in a patrol car nearby ‘in case’ he’s needed. Traci meanwhile works on a homicide case with Andie’s boyfriend, Detective Blue Eyes Callaghan.

Andie is useless; she freaks out as a prostitute and potential clients sniff out her cop-self instantly. Chris’ storyline serves mostly as comic relief. In a snug sleeveless shirt and tight white pants he is overtly gay-conscious, which is not to say he’s in anyway bad. Between he and Grace they make over two dozen arrests.

The storylines were hardly original. Not even their outcomes raised an eyebrow in surprise. The weakest was Traci’s phobia of the gory visuals of her homicide case which has not only been done to death in every cop show ever, but was not compelling in its execution and served more as filler-though how relieving is it that they excluded one of those pointless conversations with Det Callaghan starting with “so…you and Andie eh…?”

It is Chris who solves Traci’s case in a move utterly predictable and utterly dull. When he is approached by a man looking for his son who is missing because Chris looks gay and his son is gay I was not sure whether to roll my eyes at the deus ex machina or be insulted by the game of Connect-the-Gays. It turns out the son is Traci’s homicide victim and at least we were spared any preachy speeches about how the father should have accepted his son for who he was.

Andie and Dov, excluded from the praise of prostitution, need to bask in the glory. So they follow the hint of an ex-con, hoping to make a big bust. Andie’s cover is blown (she is still in her hooker’s outfit, for some bizarre reason) and she is almost killed, but she’s saved by Dov who gets there in the nick of time after, of course, arresting two arms dealers (those are dealers who deal weapons, not limbs…I was once very naive.) Dov gets semi-praised, Andie gets admonished, neither one gets to bask in the glory of an arrest.

Whiles not as saccharine as the previous episode, it turned out to be the least entertaining installment of the series. You knew no harm was ever going to come to Andie, Chris was going to find the missing boy, Traci’s murder case was going to be solved, Dov was going to, in some way, redeem himself. There were no surprises, no thrills and no laughs. But Rookie Blue can certainly pick itself up, seeing as it has already been renewed for a second season.

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